NutraSalt Breakthrough Line of 66% Less Sodium Salt and Seasonings Won Best of Expo 2010 Award

Introduced to the market late last year, NutraSalt continues to make a splash in the health food and wellness industry. The company took home the Best of Expo Award in the category of Honorable Distinction (Grocery/Meal) for its breakthrough line of low sodium salt and seasonings with 66% less sodium and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended amount of potassium.

Edgewater, NJ, May 06, 2010 --( Merely a few months after its line of 66% less sodium salt and seasonings launched in Fall of 2009, NutraSalt has drawn in thousands of health-conscious consumers who love the taste of salt but want to lower their sodium intake. Since then, NutraSalt has been widely recognized in the industry for its authentic salt taste, astounding health benefits, and distinctive innovation. Thus, it is no surprise that NutraSalt took home the Best of Expo 2010 Award in the category of Honorable Distinction (Grocery/Meal) for its stand out quality. The award took place at the 2010 Natural Product Expo West, a premier natural products show that draws in over 56,000 attendees across the industry.

Dr. Lefkowitz, a nutrition consultant in New York, explains why NutraSalt is so ground breaking, “NutraSalt is quite interesting because it provides the perfect balance of sodium and potassium without increasing sugar and caloric intake. It really is a better salt.” In addition to the astoundingly low amount of sodium, NutraSalt also contains the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended amount of potassium, which plays a key role in overall wellness. Natural potassium helps regulate sodium levels by encouraging the kidneys to get rid of excess amounts of sodium. The right balance of potassium and sodium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular and kidney disease.

“We have managed to create a product that is a game changer in the food industry,” says Bez Arkush, CEO. “Now you can enjoy the salty taste you want with the nutritional benefits you need.” Mr. Arkush and the NutraSalt team also expressed that they are proud to be a Best of Expo Award winner and vow to continue to bring wholesome quality in taste and health to consumers. NutraSalt products are currently available online and East coast markets and will be in West coast markets in the near future.

About NutraSalt:
NutraSalt, a Bon Vivant International company, was created to provide the food industry and consumers with an all-natural, delicious, low-sodium Sea Salt featuring the recommended amount of potassium in each serving.

NutraSalt’s proprietary product is harvested from the seas of the Mediterranean. Natural salts and rich minerals from the Red Sea and Dead Sea, known for its healing properties, come together in a line of salts and seasonings that promise to change the way you eat. Each serving contains less than 66% sodium than other salts. Learn more at

Elizabeth Bondi