Air Conditioning System Clean and Check a Vital Summer Preparation Step

Homeowners everywhere would be wise to include an annual air conditioning system check and cleaning in their pre-summer plans, such as those performed by Southwest Florida air conditioning and appliance leader Home-Tech. Proper maintenance can generally make air conditioning systems 15 to 20 percent more efficient to run and add three to five years to its life.

Fort Myers, FL, May 13, 2010 --( While preparing for a summer in Florida differs a bit from other parts of the country, some measures apply no matter where you live. It’s hard to imagine residents of Ohio, for example, stocking up on jugs of water, first aid supplies, and non-perishable food or putting up hurricane shutters before they head out on vacation, but homeowners everywhere would be wise to include an annual air conditioning system check and cleaning in their pre-summer plans.

It’s especially important for Florida residents to have their system inspected at this time of year, according to Michael Hendershott, sales manager at Home-Tech. “It is always a better to have your system inspected during warmer months of the year. It gives the technician a better idea of how hard your system is working under a greater cooling load,” he says. “Checking an air conditioning system’s operating pressure is much like taking your blood pressure, except we are reading the performance of the compressor - the heart of system - and testing for refrigerant leaks.”

Home-Tech, Southwest Florida’s air conditioning and appliance sales and service leader, conducts thousands of air conditioning system inspections each year, many in the months leading up to summer. Their comprehensive maintenance and cleaning service covers all major components including the thermostats, fan motors, refrigerant levels or pressures, evaporator coil, condenser coil, filter systems, and condensate drain line. In addition to making sure all components are operating properly, they measure the static pressure of the system to make sure all ductwork is in good repair as well.

Cleaning is also very important. Coils that become dirty can get plugged up, making it harder and more energy-intensive for systems to remove heat and humidity from the air. Dirty drain lines can also become plugged up, which can lead to leaks, ceiling damage if your unit is located in an attic, or even system shut down. Dirt buildup in ductwork can shorten its life.

“If any one of the three major components – condensers, air handlers or ductwork - is not operating properly, it could cause lower efficiency and shorten the life of the unit,” Hendershott says. “All systems are different, but properly maintaining your air conditioning unit can generally make it 15 to 20 percent more efficient to run and add three to five years to its life.”

Home-Tech’s air conditioning clean and check service costs $99 and typically takes around two hours to complete. But Service Agreement customers can get one annual clean and check free as part of their contract. Hendershott says nearly all of their Service Agreement customers take advantage of this service.

“It’s one of the most valuable services a Service Agreement offers, but it’s that important,” he says. “We have a vested interest in keeping systems we sell, especially those covered by Service Agreements, running efficiently for as long as possible, so we’re glad when customers use it.”

Spring is Home-Tech’s busiest time for air conditioning clean and checks as seasonal residents prepare to return north. Homeowners interested in scheduling appointments or learning more about Service Agreements can visit Home-Tech’s Website,, or call 239-433-3344.

About Home-Tech
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Erika Houser