Lattice Computer Consultants FZ LLC
Lattice Computer Consultants FZ LLC

Revolutionizing 5-Star Guest Services

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 09, 2005 --( The hotel industry is highly competitive and responding to guests’ requests quickly and efficiently is key in the search for excellent customer service.

Reflexion is the ideal solution to enable any luxury hotel to ensure that the needs of the guests are met on time, every time.

Reflexion is a comprehensive software solution giving hotels full control of all aspects of guest service management. Developed with the specific needs of hotels in mind, Reflexion streamlines processes including guest requests, fault reporting and internal requests, giving hotels the ability to assign tasks and monitor their progress in real time.

Reflexion ensures that delayed and lost requests are a thing of the past as all requests are entered into a fully automated system, which logs tracks each one through to completion. Any requests which are not completed in the scheduled time, an alert is raised through the system highlighting that the task is overdue.

Currently Reflexion (formerly known as GSC) has been implemented in 7 major luxury hotels of Le Meridien in the region and 6 more hotel properties will go live on Reflexion by the end of August 2005.

Having stood the test of busy operations in real time 5 star Hotel environment Reflexion brings a promise of success for any Luxury hotel regardless of size or location.

Reflexion brings a new revolution in guest satisfaction in the World of Hospitality.

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