Friendly Stickers Presents Tough Durable Stickers That Stay on and Help Bring Belongings Home with Cartoon Look-a-Like Faces for Kids Name Labels

Friendly Stickers created a new product line of durable, waterproof laminated stickers to help keep belongings out of lost and found with ID labels in colorful look-a-like images or cool designs that kids are crazy about. Create cartoon faces with hair and skin color to match on name labels or use colorful designs like camo, dazzle, or use sports, dinosaurs, or sea life for background images.

Margate, FL, May 16, 2010 --( Friendly Stickers Helping Bring Family Belongings Home Safe

Friendly Stickers is a family based business that was started for all the parents that have had to replace their children’s things over and over again. With the cost of clothes, shoes, and toys nobody likes to buy these things more than once. Save money and time by labeling family belongings with fun custom character images on durable vinyl name stickers, ID labels, bag tags, and personalized name labels.

Children go to so many different school and social functions that involve groups of kids together with so many items that are the same size, color, and brand. Many kids of the same age have many of the same toys, sports equipment, backpacks, shoes, cell phones, etc. Identifying their belongings with durable waterproof vinyl kids labels can help prevent any mix up or misunderstanding about what belongs to which child.

With fun look-alike characters and cool background designs kids don’t seem to lose their stuff as often. Kids personalized stickers come in so many colorful designs it’s easy to find images that they are excited about. Personalize children’s school name labels, shoe stickers, and sippy cups with zoo animals, dinosaurs, butterflies, cool vehicles or a cartoon look-a-like image of themselves. These bright colorful caricature images help kids recognize their school supplies and bring them home from pre-school or day care. has created laminated vinyl stickers with the ultimate in durability to help families keep track of their belongings under the toughest circumstances such as pool water, seawater, ground dirt, ice & snow and these stickers are tough enough for the dishwasher or even the microwave. Create labels with fun colorful cartoon faces with hair and skin color that resemble each boy or girl.

With many children in a larger family sometimes a little help is needed identifying each kids shirts and shoes and the simple solution for that is to ID kids clothing with iron on clothing labels and use shoe stickers for all those little feet. Taking children from daycare, school, play dates or any of the many places that children gather ID labels can sure become a big help especially when other people are responsible for identifying lunch boxes, shoes, allergy sensitivities and sippy cups.

Friendly Stickers is a division of Family Labels that created this new product line of durable, waterproof, laminated stickers and bag tags to help provide identification stickers in hopes that the stuff that left the house would actually return home. These stickers have been put to the test with kids at camp, school and playing on the beach with sunlight and water and have been proven to be tough.

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All FriendlyStickers products are manufactured at Family Labels modern state-of-the-art facility in South Florida. All products offered are exclusive fun and original designs at great prices.

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