Cathy’s Concepts Inc. is Proud to Launch Their Personalized Photo Booth Backdrops

Adding to their extensive line of personalized wedding accessories and special occasion gifts, Cathy’s Concepts most recently launched their Photo Booth Backdrops, which they hope will be a complementary accessory to reception and banquet halls everywhere.

Indianapolis, IN, May 19, 2010 --( 2010 is proving to be the year when wedding trends are becoming just as important as wedding traditions. With so many brides choosing to bring their own individual style into slightly smaller budgets, it’s easy to see why Cathy’s Concepts would want to follow suit. For the past 21 years, the company has spent numerous hours developing their line of personalized wedding accessories and special occasion gifts. In keeping in toe with their motto, they most recently launched their newest line of custom wedding gear: Personalized Photo Booth Backdrops.

With wedding reception photo booths being one of 2010′s biggest wedding trends, it’s no wonder Cathy’s Concepts wanted to be first in line to give brides-to-be a solution to help make this trend their own. After months of researching, developing and processing, Cathy’s Concepts finalized their designs and initiated sales of their personalized photo booth backdrops on April 30, 2010.

Available in 6 designs, 13 of today’s top wedding colors and personalized free of charge with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, these are the types of products Cathy’s Concepts wants to become a staple for weddings everywhere. Each one of the custom backdrops is fashioned in 100% printable Poly Oxford canvas and measure a staggering 4.5 feet wide by 9 feet tall.

It is the intention of Cathy’s Concepts’ design and sales teams to market the backdrops to trendy, modern day brides looking for a way to personalize their weddings – not only with their product choices but with their own personalities. “What’s great about this line is that it provides a base where a bride can begin her creative process,” says Keah Jones, Cathy’s Concepts Product Designer. “She can hang it up by itself as is or decorate it with her own accessories and background details. The options really are countless, and it’s all up to her.”

The photo booth backdrops are distinctive in the fact that they are personalized with a couple’s names and wedding date but also allot a blank enough canvas for the do-it-yourself brides to get really creative, which is exactly the type of product line Cathy’s Concepts wants to continue to develop.

A leading Wholesaler and Drop shipper with over 20 years’ experience, Cathy’s Concepts fully backs its line with friendly customer service, fast shipping and free personalization. For additional information on Cathy’s Concepts and a sneak peak at their full product line, visit them at

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Mary Dietz