CIMCON Software and Bloor Research Announce Informative Web Seminar on Spreadsheet Management Maturity Model

CIMCON, the Market Leader in Spreadsheet Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions and Bloor Research Announce Informative Web Seminar on Spreadsheet Management Maturity Model for all professionals involved in EUC.

Westford, MA, May 23, 2010 --( CIMCON Software and Bloor Research today announced a joint web seminar on a Spreadsheet Management Maturity Model. The educational web seminar will be lead by Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor Research. In this webinar, Philip will discuss recent findings and observations from his paper on the Spreadsheet Management Maturity Model. Organizations can learn where they stand in their spreadsheet management maturity cycle and perform a gap analysis which can then form the basis for process improvements and implementation of best practices.

“Companies are at different stages of their spreadsheet management maturity model ranging from denial to integrated,” said Philip Howard, Research Director at Bloor Research. “In this webinar, we will present our unique perspective on spreadsheet maturity that is user-centric and is based on 8 stages. I am pleased that as the Market Leader in this space, CIMCON has taken the initiative to arrange this educational webinar that should be useful and informative for the EUC community.”

“CIMCON Software is pleased to host this important web seminar,” said Jacob de Vries, Associate Director. “End User Computing (EUC) and Spreadsheet Management is a rapidly emerging but evolving market segment. Companies are increasingly becoming aware of the risks from spreadsheets but need a methodology to benchmark themselves and quantify the problem. As Market Leader, it is our constant endeavor to bring meaningful and relevant content to the EUC community and we believe that this webinar will present a fresh perspective on measuring spreadsheet maturity. Hence, we encourage all risk and compliance professionals, auditors, consultants, and financial end-users that are involved with spreadsheets to register for this webinar.”

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With 21 years of innovation, experience and knowledge, CIMCON Software, Inc. is a pioneering and recognized Market Leader in providing a complete range of End User Computing (EUC) control solutions. CIMCON’s Spreadsheet Management and Control technology is a de facto industry standard with the largest installed client base of over 220 companies, including the Regulator of America’s Capital Markets and an enforcement arm of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and America’s Largest Mortgage Company with nearly a trillion dollars in loans. With a client base spanning North America, Europe and Asia and a 7 year history of use, CIMCON's Spreadsheet Control Technology has been selected and implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 corporations as a Global Corporate Standard. As a thought leader in the field, CIMCON maintains an educational portal to share its knowledge and expertise and as a service to the End User Computing (EUC) community.

CIMCON’s SOX-XL suite of products provide the industry’s most comprehensive spreadsheet lifecycle solutions from Discovery, Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Controls to Archiving and Record Retention.

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Bloor is a company founded around one principle: "To enable organisations to choose the optimal technology solutions for their needs." Our business is about (a) helping organisations to understand the business drivers and choose appropriate technologies for their needs, and (b) saving them time and money through independently identifying product and buyer requirements which will assist vendors in accessing the right IT users and users in finding the right solutions. Since it was founded in 1989 Bloor has maintained a consistently high standard, acknowledged by international press and other industry analysts and commentators as being some of the most authoritative work on computing and business issues.

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