New Book on How to Cure Chigger Bites Shows How Without Dangerous Chemicals

New book, Ultimate Chigger Bite Treatment, tells all about how to control chiggers and cure chigger bites in a totally natural safe and sane way.

Maricopa, AZ, May 27, 2010 --( For many homeowners and outdoors men, spring and summer is the time to enjoy the outdoors without fear of being eaten alive by chiggers and ticks. It is a time to weigh the health and environmental costs of using toxic commercial treatments for protection on the person and in the yard. Some homeowners may understand the health concerns related to these products, they may not know there is a natural way to protect themselves and their yard from being invaded by chiggers and other biting insects.

In this new book about natural insect protection, homeowners can discover how to have a chigger free home and yard —without the use of toxic chemicals.

The "Ultimate Chigger Bite Treatment" tells how to not only how to protect your home and yard from chigger infestations but also how to protect yourself from being attacked by chiggers and ticks and how to treat those
chigger bites without toxic chemicals.

The book, authored by Justin Case, Ultimate Chigger Bite Treatment, provides outdoors men and homeowners with everything they need to know about controlling chiggers and stopping the dreaded chigger itch all without toxic and dangerous chemicals.

The book includes tips on how to prepare the yard or campground before using, how to eliminate chiggers from house plants, how to take care of clothes after exposure to chiggers, what repellents to use, where to find natural anti-itch ingredients and more.

The best part of all is these tips are super easy to follow and safe to use even around children and pets.

"My tips are proven to work and with proven results in controlling chiggers and ticks to cure chigger bites," says Justin Case. "That means no more costly toxic insect repellents or pesticides around children and pets. It means more time enjoying yourselves and less time worrying if you are going to lay awake all night itching from chigger bites."

It's the author's dedicated mission to spread the word on this totally healthy and natural way to cure chigger bites and control chiggers in the yard and home.

Case says, "I am concerned about what people put on themselves and their children that can cause immense harm to them and they don't even know it. I want them to be able to cure chigger bites in a safe and effective way."

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