PehnecGems Now Provides High Quality Man-Made Cubic Zirconia at a Price-Point Appreciated in This Economy - by Artisan Jewelry Designers

Lab Created Gems a Favorite Among Handmade Jewelry Designers

Garden Grove, CA, May 28, 2010 --( This isn’t your mother’s cubic zirconia. Jewelry designers and manufacturers have more options to choose from thanks to PehnecGems and their colored cubic zironias. These cubic zirconias are available in a wide range of colors, cuts and quality grades. Just like diamonds, colored cubic zirconia is a growing jewelry and accessory trend. However, a colored cubic zirconia is not only beautiful, they are also more reasonably priced, which benefits artisan jewelry designers by keeping overhead costs to a minimum. In this economy, when so many artisans are losing their customers, finding alternatives that keep their overhead costs down is a must. Companies who specialize in designing or producing inexpensive jewelry pieces will find excellent quality colored cubic zirconia at

PehnecGems offers bulk pricing on their beautiful colored cubic zirconia. Ranging in color from blues and greens to yellows and reds, there are color options to meet even the most creative designer’s needs. Since these colored cubic zirconia are also offered in a variety of shape and sizes, there is something guaranteed to suit each artist’s specific jewelry design and setting style. Whether for an artisan designer or a business specializing in production of inexpensive jewelry accessories, offers an excellent selection of colored cubic zirconia, at a price-point appreciated in this economy.

Colored cubic zirconia is a growing trend. As people have less money to spend on non essentials, jewelry designers who create pieces at a lower price point will continue to see steady sales. PehnecGems can help you accomplish this through their beautiful, high quality, bulk-prices cubic zirconia.

About PehnecGems:
PehnecGems is committed to offering high quality lab created colored cubic zirconia. Their interest in serving and supporting small and large jewelry design and manufacturing companies through excellent pricing, high quality product and exceptional customer support is clear. To learn more about what PehnecGems offers, please visit

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