Hazmat Kit Rapidly Identifies Hazardous Chemicals Using Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

Clearwater, FL, November 30, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Sensidyne's Hazmat III Reponse kit is the ideal tool for quickly identifying hazardous substances from unknown airborne compounds. Using two special multi-layered qualitative detector tubes and a unique color-based ID chart, the Hazmat III Response system can identify about 70 hazardous organic and inorganic chemicals in about 3 minutes. If follow-up testing is needed, the kit contains additional detector tubes that can be used to further qualify and quantify the initial test results.

The Sensidyne Deluxe Hazmat III Response Kit is fast, rugged, light weight, and simple to use. Because it requires no user calibration or electrical power, the Hazmat Kit is always ready for action and can go anywhere on a moment's notice - the ideal first response tool for hazardous chemical identification.

With single-stroke, multi-layered detector tubes (two for organic gases, & one for inorganic gases). A one-stroke sample with each tube is all that is needed. Tube layers change color when exposed to hazardous chemicals-different colors for different chemicals. Use the color text chart to rapidly identify the unknown chemical based on the color combination of the layers.

You can customize your Sensidyne Deluxe Hazmat 3 Kit for just about any type of hazardous spill situation. The case has room for up to 40 boxes of tubes, with more than 250 additional detector tubes to choose from.

What the Hazmat III Kit Contains:
• Gas Detection Pump Kit
• Hard Shell Carrying Case
• Five Meter (5m) Extension Hose
• Detector Tube Handbook
• Deluxe Hazmat 3 Testing Chart
• Air Flow Indicator Kit (Smoke Tube Kit)
• Organic Gas Qualitative Detector Tube
• Inorganic Gas Qualitative Detector Tube
• Acetone (0.01-4.0 % v)
• Acetic Acid (1-50 ppm)
• Arsine/Phosphine (0.05-2.0 ppm)
• Benzene (5-200ppm)
• Carbon Dioxide (0.1-2.6 % v)
• Carbon Disulfide (0.8-50 ppm)
• Carbon Tetrachloride (0.8-50 ppm)
• Ethyl Acetate (20-100 ppm)
• Hydrogen (0.5-0.8 %)
• Hydrogen Cyanide (0.5-100 ppm)
• Hydrogen Fluoride (0.25-30 ppm)
• Hydrogen Sulfide (0.75-300 ppm)
• Methyl Bromide (0.4-80 ppm)
• Nitric Oxide (10-300 ppm)
• Trichloroethylene (0.2-16 ppm)

The Delux Hazmat Kit III uses Sensidyne's Model AP-20S Gas Detection Pump. 
This Gas Detection Tube & Pump kit is a portable gas detection kit that is lightweight, rugged, and capable of on-the-spot detection of numerous gases and vapors.

Features & Benefits of the Sensidyne AP-20S Gas Detection Pump Kit:

• Single Stroke Operation brings timesaving ease of use to gas detection
• Piston-Type Volumetric pump assures accuracy every time 
• Fail-safe handle locks in two positions (50ml or 100ml) which eliminates incomplete samples that can occur with squeeze-type pumps when they are not fully collapsed 
• Flow finish indicator

Sensidyne Gas Detector Tubes :
Gas Detector Tubes provide fast, economical monitoring for a wide variety of target gases and vapors. Their direct reading capability provides on-the-spot results eliminating laboratory turnaround time. The Gas Detector Tubes are typically calibrated in one of three commonly used units of concentration.

Features & Benefits of Sensidyne’s Gas Detector Tubes:
• High precision direct reading detector tubes for nearly 300 substances
• Clear indication of concentration level is shown by length of stain on glass tube
• 90% of tubes are 1 or 2 strokes maximum 

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