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We just released v.1.0 of OIC Whois API.

Sofia, Bulgaria, August 12, 2005 --( We just released v.1.0 of OIC Whois API.

. What is XML-RPC
XML-RPC is a remote procedure call protocol encoded in XML. It is a very simple protocol, defining only a handful of data types and commands, and the entire description can be printed on two pages of paper. This is in stark contrast to most RPC systems, where the standards documents often run into the thousands of pages and require considerable software support in order to be used. XMLRPC API to make Whois queries over the Internet.

WHOIS databases contain nameserver, registrar, and in some cases, full contact information about a domain name. Each registrar must maintain a WHOIS database containing all contact information for the domains they 'host'.

.OIC Whois API
You can make whois queries using XML-RPC over the internet.

You can find examples and more info here:

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