Chicago Marketing Consultant Helps Chicago Business Owners with New Video Marketing Offering

Chicago Marketing Consultant, LLC: Offer a full suite of marketing consulting services that help Chicago area small business owners increase their sales and profits. The owner Michael Robichaud has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and is a local marketing expert. CMC utilizes revolutionary proven marketing strategies that are focused on delivering results to their clients.

Chicago, IL, July 01, 2010 --( Chicago Marketing Consultant LLS and its owner Michael Robichaud announced a new service offering today (Proven Video Marketing that Converts Prospects) that will help local Chicago Small Business Owners make more money.

Chicago Marketing Consultant, LLC offers a full suite of Marketing Solutions to Chicago area small businesses. They don't just focus on online marketing like most other consultants. They focus on every area of your marketing strategy, both online and offline, with the main goal of increasing your companies sales.

There are a lot of small business owners that have been negatively effected by today's down economic climate. These small business owners are looking for ways to increase their sales and profits with little to no risk and without having to pay large marketing fees. Because of the economic downturn small some small businesses are trying to hold on to their market share and most importantly hold on to their margins to stay profitable. Now is not the time for these small businesses to test out unproven marketing strategies. Utilizing a marketing consultant, a marketing expert knows which strategies will work for a specific company.

The owner of Chicago Marketing Consultant LLC, Michael Robichaud has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience and working with business owners to grow their sales is his area of specialty. Michael has been testing a new video marketing strategy with his clients and has developed a system to distribute sales and marketing videos online that will change the way your seen by your customers.

Online video marketing has been around for several years now with the booming success of YouTube and other video sharing websites. What Michael Robichaud has developed is an efficient, painless, and affordable process for small business owners to take advantage of video marketing that will:

- Increase your companies online exposure
- Provide your customers with the information they are looking for
- Convert more prospects into paying clients
- Drive significantly more visitors to your website
- Increases your business credibility
- Generates More Sales and More Profits

Video marketing isn’t a total solution. Using a proven video marketing strategy along with a suite of other cutting age marketing strategies is the solution to growing your business.

If your a small business owner and your looking for ways to increase your sales in today's touch economic times, utilizing cutting edge marketing strategies is the solution to your problem.

For more information on how you can use video marketing to increase your sales, and more information on how new ago marketing will grow your small business please contact:

Michael Robichaud
Marketing Consultant - President
Chicago Marketing Consultant, LLC

Chicago Marketing Consultant LLC
Michael Robichaud