Moye White Wins Big in “First Annual Big Law Webbies”

National recognition for Moye White website.

Denver, CO, July 04, 2010 --( Denver Law Firm, Moye White, was the big winner in a national, mainly tongue-in-cheek competition looking at law firms’ failures and successes with online marketing efforts and web sites.

The Snark, humor columnist for Georgia’s Fulton County Daily Report, announced “Big Law Webbies” winners in categories as diverse as “most obscure blog topic,” “best full-body-out-of-the-office photos,” “best tagline,” “most mocked biglaw website,” “best headshots” and “worst headshots.”

While national law firms took hits from the Snark, the columnist honored Moye White for “Best Law Firm Web Site,” observing :

“Not every firm can pull off creative and whimsical, but a reader who requested anonymity pointed us to a small Denver firm that seems to have topped all the big boys with its creative site. Check out Moye White's photos of attorneys at play (2007 Who's the Grinch is a good one), the contemporary art gallery and the firm's hip, original cartoon art, featured throughout the site and at

"It seems lawyers in Denver and Asheville have more time to fish -- and design fun websites that can entertain for hours.”

Moye White also won in the category, “best headshots.”

Other national winners/losers included:

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice's furniture law blog for “Most obscure blog topic.”

Best full-body lawyers-out-of-the-office photos: The Van Winkle Law Firm. The Snark writes: “If you ever wondered, ‘What would my litigator look like wearing body-clinging bike shorts and a racing top with a helmet while perched on a 12-speed?’ this is the site is for you!”

Tagline most likely to decrease recruiting efforts is Jackson Lewis’ "All We Do Is Work.

Best tagline: Harris Beach’s "Lawyers you'll swear by. Not at."

Best testimonial quote: Jones Day’s “We drink the kool-aid.”

To see Moye White’s Snark-endorsed website go to

Moye White
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