Concepts Taught in "The Secret" Spark Entrepreneurial Business Boom

Books and films such as The Secret are sparking a global demand for personal growth material. This growing demand has created a profitable niche market that is attracting aspiring entrepreneurs.

Berkeley Springs, WV, December 12, 2006 --( Global demand for personal growth material such as the popular feature film, 'The Secret,' continues to increase at an exponential rate. It's clear that the hectic pace of life and disconnection from nature that are hallmarks of the 21st century lifestyle has sent people searching for a better way. Many of these individuals are finding deep resonance with the law of attraction teachings found in the 'The Secret' and other works from authors such as Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, and Michael Losier.

While the concepts taught in 'The Secret' are helping seekers create a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle, some aspiring entrepreneurs are also seeing the personal development boom as a chance to break out of the 9 to 5 "rat race" as well. Entrepreneurs with businesses offering personal development products are finding themselves perfectly positioned to take advantage of the growth occurring in this rapidly developing market.

Entrepreneurs Rubeen and Habiba Miller, who write about prosperity consciousness and the law of attraction at their blog,, agree. The Millers operate a home business that markets personal development products, and it is currently experiencing major growth. "What we're seeing right now is that people are hungry for a way to take the teachings found in books and films such as 'The Secret' and really make them manifest in their lives," says Rubeen. "There is a huge demand for programs such as the ones our company offers that provide a step-by-step blueprint for creating the major lifestyle change that people are looking for. Individuals can also choose to plug into our franchise system to start their own business, which gives them an immediate, clear, and concise way to manifest the financial wealth that so many are wanting to create. We are definitely noticing an a lot of momentum in our business that is being brought about by the increasing exposure of films like 'The Secret.'"

From listening to the Miller's story and others like it, it's clear that business models that are taking advantage of this trend in the personal development industry will be experiencing a promising phase of growth for the foreseeable future. For Rubeen and Habiba, this growth has rewards that go beyond the financial: "It's extremely satisfying to be involved at this early stage of the game, and to realize that we are going to be assisting so many people in discovering that the Secret works for them too, and that they can manifest complete freedom in their lives. That's what it's all about."

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Rubeen Miller