Electronic Cigarette Review Website Sees Huge Increase in Visitors with New Smoking Bans in Place

The review team at Electronic Cigarettes Reviews.net has witnessed a huge increase in reviews written by consumers living in a state where a public smoking ban has been enacted in the past few months. Many consumers are sharing thoughts and opinions on electronic cigarettes and offering advice for other consumers to make informed decisions on whether to purchase a certain brand of e-cigarettes.

Fitchburg, WI, July 07, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Since the beginning of the year 2010, three more states have enacted statewide bans on smoking in all enclosed public spaces. Michigan had a public smoking ban go into place in May and the ban in Kansas and Wisconsin started in July. This brings the total number of states with a law in place that forbids smoking in all public places to 26. However, the public smoking ban does not pertain to electronic cigarettes so many consumers that enjoy smoking in public have started to make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Over the past few months and especially over the past two weeks, several consumers from these three states have written reviews on various brands of electronic cigarettes and many consumers from these states have also written in to ask questions on the various brands of e-cigs. Several consumers and business owners want more information on the legality of using e-cigarettes in public places where the smoking ban is in effect.

The founder of the Electronic Cigarettes Reviews.net website, Dustin Erickson, had the following to say about the smoking ban and the increase in visitors to the review website. "I live in Wisconsin so the public smoking ban now effects me as it does many of the smokers who visit our electronic cigarette review website. More and more of our visitors want to know more about the legality of using e-cigarettes in public and want to know which brands are most similar to their preferred brand of tobacco cigarettes."

Speaking about the review website, Erickson went on to say that "We really strive to give honest reviews on the various brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, but we also rely heavily on the feedback of our visitors because just as with tobacco cigarettes, different people prefer different brands and flavors of electronic cigarettes."

As of July 6th, 2010, there are 22 different brands of e-cigs and e-cigars reviewed by the three members of the Electronic Cigarettes Reviews.net team. The most recent review is for Smoke51 electronic cigarettes and can be read by visiting the electronic cigarette reviews page. There are also reviews written on e-cigarette cartridges and various electronic cigarette affiliate programs too. The review team at Electronic Cigarettes Reviews.net encourages consumers to visit the site, read the reviews and make an informed decision on whether to buy electronic cigarettes.

Dustin Erickson