GIA Predicts Six Trends That Will Shape Brazil’s Consumer and Retail Companies Industry

Helsinki, Finland, July 09, 2010 --( Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global strategic market intelligence and advisory group, has released a bulletin that predicts six trends that will shape Brazil’s consumer and retail market.

Success in Brazil today may not mean success tomorrow. To secure their futures, consumer and retail companies will need to capitalize on these trends:

1: Continued consolidation
Prediction: Brazil will reduce its dependence on foreign investment, as local companies continue to grow, consolidate and benefit directly benefit from a stronger internal market.

2: Impact of social media trends
Prediction: The development of certain retail segments such as hypermarkets and even the automobile industry may see radical changes, as consumption migrates from the physical to the online environment.

3. The potential of the “unbanked”
Prediction: Consumer and retail segments in Brazil will benefit when banks increase their reach through retail stores.

4: Greater credit card penetration
Prediction: Consumption trends, especially those relying on online transactions, will change, as more and more people become accustomed to using credit.

5: Emphasis on being eco-friendly
Prediction: Consumer and retail companies will begin to change their product formulas and possibly even eliminate some product packaging.

6: Brazil’s aging population
Prediction: Companies will need to develop tools and methodologies to understand this group’s needs in order to tap this market successfully.

GIA states that consumer and retail companies in Brazil should dedicate time to understanding their constantly changing groups of customers in a constantly changing environment. As competition becomes ever more intense, companies will need to become more concerned with segmenting, positioning and promoting their products and services accurately. All this can only be achieved by close listening to and monitoring the markets they are in.

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