Johan Haasbroek Looks Forward to Helping Businesses Achieve Their Goals as an ActionCOACH

Johan Haasbroek is the newest ActionCOACH in Namibia.

Windhoek, Namibia, July 09, 2010 --( Johan Haasbroek has been helping people throughout his business career, while working in the medical aid administration field. After deciding he needed to find balance in his life, Haasbroek found ActionCOACH.

ActionCOACH is the world’s leader in business and executive coaching. When Brad Sugars, Chairman and Founder, started the company in 1993, it was still in its nascent stages. By franchising the company in 1997, Sugars helped business coaching become more mainstream turning it into the second fastest growing category behind Information Technology. ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium size businesses as well as executive teams and group coaching.

Haasbroek comes to ActionCOACH with over 20 years of business experience. Over the last 10 years, Haasbroek was a member of senior management for a medical aid administration company. As CFO of that company, Haasbroek was involved in the merger of various medical aids and oversaw a shift in company structure facilitated by changes in governmental policy.

Because of this, Haasbroek brings a wealth of experience to any business he works with. “I have 20 years business experience of which 10 years were on senior management level. Although my main function used to be finance, I was exposed to the whole business in such a way that my overall business knowledge has developed to above average levels.”

Haasbroek discovered ActionCOACH while reading a business magazine. The thought immediately attracted him because he was interested in opening his own business. His first impression of ActionCOACH was a good one.

“ActionCOACH is well organized with an honest set of values,” Haasbroek said recently, “Those qualities are not always easy to find in business.”

Most importantly, Haasbroek knows that ActionCOACH has the platform he needs to be a success in his new career. “ActionCOACH is the ideal vehicle to use the knowledge that I have gained in life and business so far.”

Haasbroek’s experience and skills will benefit his clients as he embarks on this new career with ActionCOACH. He has been involved in strategic analysis that has led to major reorganizations. In addition, he has had active roles in the implementation of those reorganizing changes. These skills, along with his knowledge of local business law make him a formidable player in the coaching business.

Haasbroek is excited to start his new adventure. He resides in Windhoek, Namibia, where he will work with the firm owned by Pieter Scholtz and Harry Welby-Cooke that operates out of South Africa. He will practice in Namibia.

Haasbroek will begin his journey as a business coach in Las Vegas, Nevada where the ActionCOACH Global Office is located. Here he spent 10 days training with other new business coaches from around the world. They learned the ins and outs of ActionCOACH, how to run a business the ActionCOACH way, branding, systems and techniques, as well as how to apply their knowledge to any business and much more.

Johan Haasbroek brings a wealth of experience and talent to the ActionCOACH team in South Africa and Namibia. With his strong business background, he will add another layer of support to any business that works with ActionCOACH.

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