Rocksolid Stone Works Takes Environmental Approach with Its Scrap Stone Recycling Standards

Cleveland Ohio’s Premier Fabricator of Granite, Quartz, and Natural Stone Continues Environmental-Friendly Practice to Dispose of 60 Tons of Scrap Materials Annually.

Cleveland, OH, July 11, 2010 --( Rocksolid Stone Works (RSW) fabricator of Granite, Quartz, and Natural Stone continues its high environmental standards by managing its scrap stone and water filtration for use in construction and road materials.

RSWs scrap stone is collected via an outside trucking company where it is further refined and processed for use as aggregate in road fill, parking lots, and various construction projects. Rocksolid Stone Works also practices water treatment standards by filtering water that has been used to eliminate dust during fabrication and for cooling cutting bits and saws. Water used during manufacturing is drained into a large central filtration system where the liquid “slurry” is filtered to remove stone byproducts then regenerated into clean reusable water for fabrication.

Remaining stone byproducts and particulates are dried and formed into soft, brick-like materials then combined with crushed stone scrap. RSW recycles approximately 60 tons of scrap each year for use in road construction projects. Larger pieces of scrap stone are typically sold as stone remnants at discount prices.

“Some stone fabricators do not practice scrap recycling,” said Mr. Thomas Rocks, owner of Rocksolid Stone Works. “They simply discard their scrap for local trash pick up most likely ending up in landfills, or even worse, piling up scrap in heaps on their business lots, or disbursing it in open fields or ravines,” said Rocks. “We feel this approach is totally unacceptable.” “We always do what we can to be environmentally sound while finding other solutions and uses for our scrap material.”

Rocksolid Stone Works fabricates Countertops, Vanities, Shower Surrounds, and Commercial Projects using Granite, Quartz, and Natural Stone surfaces. RSW is the only stone fabrication shop in Ohio to be accredited through the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and is a member of the Artisan Group, the premier network of stone fabricators in North America representing the best stone craftsmen in the industry.

RSW is a division of Wood Dimensions Inc. and is located at 4031 West 150th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. For more information please call 216-251-5509 or visit the company website at

Rocksolid Stone Works
Greg Ramler