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Greg Case, CEO of Aon Corporation, Talks About the Business of Global Risk Management on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss

Greg Case, CEO of Aon Corporation, talks about the risk management, the rise of aggregate risk levels and their complexity, and the importance of communication that allow Aon to understand its client’s needs. Additionally, Case dialogs on The CEO Show with Robert Reiss on building a corporation with global capabilities, using leadership to deliver value to the client, the role of management in serving clients and the business colleagues within Aon.

Ridgefield, CT, July 13, 2010 --( The heart of the CEO Show with Robert Reiss’s interview of Greg Case, CEO of Aon Corporation, is captured in Case’s statements about the company’s focus, “helping clients understand and mitigate risk” and its strong view that “the aggregate level of risk in the World today is increasing.” Case also talks about another major part of its services which is consulting to clients on “human capital management.”

Case speaks at length about Aon’s emphasis on building relationships with clients and his colleagues, talking about the issues that are important to them, the highest priority investment of his time at work, he says. He goes on to explain the ‘Aon Leadership Model’ to Reiss, a set of guiding principles that encourage and shape those relationships. This set of principles is essential to Aon’s worldwide business which has increased in part because of its more than 400 acquisitions in the past 20 years, 37 of which have occurred in the last 18 months. He says that while amassing a global capability to serve clients, “we have worked very hard to deliver value to our clients in a very local way.” It is a result of a business model that is invested in decentralization as opposed to centralization.

Reiss and Case dialog about the complex scope of business risk, including subjects such as currency risk, supply chain risk, risk posed by global warming, and a number of other ‘non-traditional’ risks as compared to “traditional’ risks associated with property, casualty, and Directors & Officers liabilities. In this regard, Reiss asks about the Aon strategy used to help clients address their risks and Case says that it responds to their interest in “integrated risk” -- that is, the totality of risks across an organization.

The interview with Greg Case addresses other issues of business management such as the role of management, the importance of individual development and individual excellence, and the responsibility of leadership to help clients improve their operating performance.
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