Pete Lisoskie Launches beLocal, an Online Marketing Solution for Small Business

New Service Increases Traffic to Local Businesses Through Placement in Specified Local Geographic Locations on Page One of Google Maps.

Irvine, CA, July 14, 2010 --( The beLocal team introduced a new service this week which increases traffic to local businesses by positioning them on page one of Google maps on the internet.

Pete Lisoskie, founder of beLocal, expressed his excitement today about the launch in a blog post, “Customers have shifted the way they shop for products and services. The Kelsey group recently released a report that stated that 70% of U.S. households now use the internet when shopping locally for products and services. There has never been a better time for business owners to advertise on the internet.” Mr. Lisoskie has been testing the services on one of his businesses, Handyman Matters, a multiunit-franchise remodeling and handyman company in Washington state, for the last 18 months. “We’ve increased our lead flow by over 400 percent in the last 18 months using these methods,” explained Mr. Lisoskie.

According to a report by Constat, 54% of potential customers have substituted internet search for the phone book. Business owners who rely on a steady stream of customers into their locations will benefit by having their business on page one of Google, and especially on Google maps. “Google maps is one of the most cost effective ways for business owners to establish a page 1 presence on Google,” said Mr. Lisoskie.

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About beLocal:
beLocal provides local online marketing tools to business owners – covering the entire customer decision making process of internet search, business evaluation, and decision. beLocal specializes getting businesses on page 1 of Google and turning the business owner into “The Authoritative Rock Star” in their line or work. As a result, the business benefits from lead flow improvement, online visibility and marketing, and customer communications.

About Pete Lisoskie:
Using the principles he teaches, Pete Lisoskie built a million plus business in only 3 years. His 12+ years experience in small business has provided him the opportunity to create business startups in publishing, seminars, recruiting, construction, network marketing, and now internet-related products and services. In each business he creates, he uses “wave theory” to find opportunities, surrounds a market with products and services, and infuses a culture of legendary customer service. Pete Lisoskie is doing this again with beLocal, understanding the powerful technology trends on the internet with customer shopping behaviors.

Pete Lisoskie, Owner

beLocal LLC
Pete Lisoskie