Make Millions Together Debuts: A Platform That Seeks to Revolutionize Business Networking

Unique combination of features makes it easy for users to create opportunities and collaborate with new resources on this new business networking website.

New York, NY, July 17, 2010 --( Make Millions Together ( MMT) launches this month as the first business network site that provides the tools to find, access, verify and collaborate among its users. Corporate executives, entrepreneurs, service providers, inventors, investors, job seekers, employers and employees alike will be able use the site to grow ideas and opportunities into financially profitable realities.

Finding, accessing, validating and collaborating with a wide cross section of business contacts is accomplished using a combination of advanced filters, personal invitations, vetting and a strong package of communications tools. The filters help visitors find the exact business catalysts they need. They can then connect with as many or as few as they wish to begin a dialog. Vetting provides credibility of other site users by generating reports on publicly available information such as prior recommendations, work experience, education, professional licenses and length of time in business or job as well as information on bankruptcies, lawsuits and other similar information.

Once a site user has located the people they are looking for, they can begin a dialog by using any of the site’s communications features -- email, blog, video/photo sharing and chat room. Used in concert, visitors can start a relationship that could easily lead to making millions together. For example, an entrepreneur with an idea could find and develop a working relationship with a qualified patent attorney, prototype maker, manufacturer, distributor, warehouse manager, investor, salesperson or licensor, all without leaving MMT.

Among the site’s many features are templates for business plans, resumes and financing documents that visitors can customize, post to a project or job board and invite colleagues and investors to review them. In addition, there is a forum for users to share insights and request feedback.

The site also has a job board and an area for posting resumes. An HR executive or a job seeker can use MMT to review prospects, get background information and set up interviews. Because the process is based on the acceptance of personal invitations, both the employer and job seeker can be extremely selective.

Using MMT is free; however for a small one-time fee ($9.95), users gain access to all the tools and features available on the site.

Make Millions Together is a powerful new networking website that meets the needs of today’s business community. Whether users are looking for new jobs, or the resources to start or run a business, MMT has the tools needed to succeed.

Make Millions Together: Revolutionizing Business Networking

Make Millions Together
Mina Yans