Healthy Life Laboratories Appoints Henry Warner as Computer Sciences Director

Healthy Life Laboratories, Inc., a clinical research laboratory in north suburban Chicago has appointed Henry A. Warner, MS as its Director of Computer Sciences.

Bannockburn, IL, July 17, 2010 --( Healthy Life Laboratories, Inc., a clinical research laboratory in north suburban Chicago has appointed Henry A. Warner, MS as its Director of Computer Sciences. Healthy Life Laboratories (HLL) is currently engaged in the research of computer software brain gaming and its effects on Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD).

Dr. Jack Maggiore, Chief Scientific Officer of Healthy Life Laboratories explains, “The addition of Mr. Warner to our team expands our research capabilities to include computer aided therapies and diagnostics for a number of debilitating conditions, in particular ADD and ADHD.” Dr. Jack Maggiore further explains, “The prevalence rate for attention deficit disorders is approaching 8% among children. Of the more than 4.4 million children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, 2.5 million are receiving medical treatment in the form of a stimulant drug. The long-term effects of these drugs are not fully understood, and the side effects are often debilitating.”

Newly appointed Computer Sciences Director, Henry Warner explains, “Through the incorporation of an engaging cognitive skills-enhancing software, the HLL scientific team is determining if prescribed stimulants may be enhanced, reduced or replaced by brain gaming exercises. Our current studies are designed to determine which game components have the greatest impact on engaging the minds of children with attention deficit disorders.” Henry Warner further explains, “This process is very similar to extracting and refining the specific beneficial component of a functional food product and purifying it into a concentrated dose. Once we know the key ‘ingredients’ of the software which provide predictive positive outcomes in ADD or ADHD individuals, our team of software engineers will focus on developing specific computer coding that is centered on developing ADD and ADHD-specific therapies.”

Henry A. Warner, MS, received his Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences and his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Illinois. Mr. Warner has served as a consultant on a number of corporate and advisory boards in the computer technology and diagnostics industries.

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