Midland Information Resources Becomes a G7 Master Printer

Davenport, IA, July 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Midland Information Resources (MIR), a global provider of information distribution solutions, has become one of the first 100% digital printers to achieve G7 Master Printer status.

“The G7 Master Printer Qualification is yet another step in guaranteeing the highest possible quality and consistency between products,” stated Tom Sheehan, President of MIR. “Being one of the first 100% digital printers to become G7 Master Qualified is a testament of our dedication to staying ahead of the curve and continually improving our processes for our customers.”

G7 Master Printer status is granted to a facility indicating that it has calibrated its equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of delivering G7 proofs and print products. According to IDEAlliance, a publishing, digital media and information technology industry organization that develops education and validating practices, G7 is:

“both a definition of grayscale appearance, and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. G7 yields a visual match between different imaging systems using simple 1-dimensional curves, and enables shared appearance between different printing devices or specifications when additional color management is not available.”

Consistency of image appearance across all media types and machines is a crucial step in ensuring one voice in a company’s branding, marketing and end products. Through the use of G7 calibration, variations between images, colors, and media types are greatly minimized.

For more information on the G7 Master Printer Qualification, or on Midland Information Resources, please contact Jon Blanc at JBlanc@midlandcorp.com.

About Midland Information Resources
Midland Information Resources is a leading provider of content management, just-in-time digital printing, and fulfillment & distribution solutions to global manufacturers and organizations around the world. Its unique partnership through the International Printers Network (IPN) provides its clients with access to printing facilities around the globe. Midland Information Resources is headquartered in Davenport, IA, with offices in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit www.midlandcorp.com or call 800.232.3696.

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