Introducing Authorized Business Buyer Advocate, David Sweeten

Partner on Call Network would like to announce David Sweeten as the latest Authorized Business Buyer Advocate ®. David Sweeten, CBI, BCB, CPA, was looking to diversify and supercharge his dealmaking career, so he became an Authorized Business Buyer Advocate ®.

San Antonio, TX, July 24, 2010 --( David Sweeten, CBI, BCB, CPA, was looking to diversify and supercharge his dealmaking career, so he became an Authorized Business Buyer Advocate ®.

Despite facilitating sellers and buyers so they could achieve a done deal, David Sweeten could not provide buyers with all the guidance they needed to access all the businesses for sale, evaluate companies and make a profitable acquisition. An expert on selling businesses, he realized he needed more tools specifically designed for buyers. This made him search for a better way. He found it when he met a Business Buyer Advocate at ‘Partner’ On-Call Network LLC. He liked what he saw so much, he invested in POCN’s specialized proprietary training and tools.

Fifteen years as a CPA practicing in public accounting plus twenty six years of entrepreneurial activities, including representing sellers of businesses for sale, provides the background, knowledge and experience to help people make right, informed decisions. It is this success that qualifies him to be an Authorized Business Buyer Advocate ®.

Ted J. Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate and founder and president of ‘Partner’ On-Call Network, created the consulting niche in the 1970s. The company licenses the use of its proven business model to professionals and service providers whose clients buy or merge small and midsize privately held businesses.

Sweeten says, "When I discovered the nationwide group of independent Business Buyer Advocates, I recognized it was a great opportunity for me to share my passion for buying and selling businesses and my insights into building and managing companies. I am truly honored to be part of this elite and innovative group where my clients have the benefit of the 500 year collective experience of our Business Buyer Advocates."

Business Buyer Advocates offer a complete menu of services to facilitate a safe, profitable transaction for all parties, including business search, due diligence, financing, pricing businesses for sales, dealmaking and post-acquisition service for business buyers.

According to Ted Leverette, "the safest, fastest, most economical way to grow a small or midsize business is by mergers and acquisitions. It’s also the most profitable growth strategy. We strive to be the Go-To Team for Done Deals."

"In my role as a Business Buyer Advocate I’m not performing business brokerage and I don’t compete with brokers. I search the hidden market of businesses quietly for sale by-owner; these sellers want to know me because they do not have to pay me a sales commission. They know the buyer I represent is motivated to buy because the buyer pays me. My loyalty is to the buyer and my compensation is from the buyer; my goal is to achieve a win-win done deal," Sweeten assures his clients.

Similarly, when David Sweeten lists businesses for sale, he wears the typical hat of a business broker/intermediary. His loyalty is to the seller and his compensation is from the seller. The goal is to achieve a win-win done deal.

Business Buyer Advocates introduce buyers to companies quietly for sale by-owner on the hidden market, while also providing street-smart guidance to buyers who want to purchase a business listed for sale by business brokers. Brokers appreciate what an Authorized Business Buyer Advocate brings to the table, which is educating and guiding buyers so they do not waste the time of brokers and their sellers.

"We discourage buyers from purchasing mediocre businesses," says Sweeten. "We introduce capable buyers to mature, profitable, fairly priced companies."

David J. Sweeten, Jr. can be reached at (210) 697-8760, Sweeten & Sutton Brokerage, Inc.

POCN seeks Authorized Business Buyer Advocates in every state.

Ted J. Leverette
‘Partner’ On-Call Network LLC

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