Iceland Printing Company Gains Ecolabel Approval for Environmental Awareness

Wyncote, PA, July 25, 2010 --( Leading printing company Oddi Printing, has received a certification from the Nordic Ecolabel for its leading environmental awareness within the Icelandic printing industry.

Iceland’s Environmental Minister presented Mr. Jon Omar Erlingsson, CEO at Oddi Printing, a certification from the Nordic Ecolabel for its leading environmental awareness and practice in the Icelandic printing industry.

Environmental issues and concerns have been an ongoing process throughout the decades for Oddi Printing. The printing company has been presented with a number of awards for its healthy environmental practices and standards. To name just a few, the plant was awarded with the Reykjavik Environmental award in 1997 and the Ministry of the Environment Award in 2004.

The presentation was a joyous occasion, marking the end of a 12 month process of mapping out all the different environmental practices already in place at the plant, as well as upgrading others.

The company’s certification by the Nordic Ecolabel is highly important for Oddi’s customers in order for them to know that there are few printing plants operating on this environmental consciousness. Pending the customers wishes, the Nordic Ecolabel logo, the Swan, can now be placed on all books, catalogues, magazines and other printed material from Oddi Printing’s plant in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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