's Super Saver's co-Founder, Julie Arnheim, selected as one of Money Magazine's Super Savers.

Los Altos, CA, July 25, 2010 --('s co-Founder, Julie Arnheim, was selected as one of Money Magazine's Super Savers in the August edition of their magazine. Author Donna Rosato shared "7 Secrets of Super Savers." Arnheim describes her savings strategy as being "eco-thrifty" to cut down on everyday expenses. This means eating at home, skipping store bought lattes, swapping items with friends and neighbors, even raising chickens in the backyard for eggs. All of these tips and more she shares on her website,

"It's all about having a plan and prioritizing your spending," says Arnheim and her co-Founder Darcy Ratner. One of their focuses is the idea that staying organized helps avoid impulsive decisions. Their informational website offers simple budget and financial goals worksheets, creative strategies to reduce costs and be organized around the house, tips for becoming "eco-thrifty," and new good deals everyday.

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