Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC Provides Peace of Mind by Professionally Documenting Personal Property

In the event of a hurricane, fire, flood, theft or other natural disaster, it would be difficult to recall from memory the contents of a home or business. Insurance companies require proof of ownership and value to substantiate insurance claims. After the fact can be a challenging time to reconstruct this information. A professional third-party home or business inventory can be a very valuable asset during the claims process in the event of a loss.

Charleston, SC, July 28, 2010 --( Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC has launched a new service in the Charleston area for home and business owners alike. They perform a professional detailed inventory of personal property and valuable items using high quality video and photography equipment. The company is fully licensed, bonded and insured and they guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Insurance companies, agents, and financial advisers strongly recommend thorough documentation of personal property to ensure financial protection in the future. Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC provides a professional, reliable, and affordable third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize a claim as well as make the claim process smoother.

The company offers several different inventory packages at varying price levels to accommodate many different customers’ needs. These packages range from a basic “video only” half-day service to a full service package with unlimited pictures and time on site. Price estimates are calculated by the square footage of the home, amount of pictures to be taken, and other service factors.

Upon scheduling an inventory, the customer receives a packet of tools including lists of the type of property to be inventoried and what information should be recorded about these items. The staff works with their customers on site to create highly detailed documentation using a laptop computer, high definition cameras and a custom database program. They take high definition video of the exterior and interior of the home, then photograph in detail all valuables and collections at the customer’s request.

When the inventory is complete the customer promptly receives a bound portfolio containing a high definition video on DVD, the database and digital pictures on a data CD, and printed spreadsheets containing the compiled data, which is suitable for storage in a safe deposit box.

The Company will provide copies of the inventory to the customer’s insurance company, local police department if needed, or anyone they choose with explicit written permission only. They will also keep a copy of the data in their own secure location free of charge for one year.

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Carolina Guardian Home Inventory Services, LLC
David Vaughan