An ActionCOACH Gets to Emerald Status in Just Over a Year

ActionCOACH Business Coach Shweta Jhajharia has become an Emerald Coach within 15 months from starting with ActionCOACH.

London, United Kingdom, July 30, 2010 --( ActionCOACH Business Coach Shweta Jhajharia has managed to attain Emerald Coach status with the company. She started with ActionCOACH just over a year ago.

Jhajharia said by setting clear-cut goals for herself, she managed to become an Emerald Coach in such a short period of time. By focusing on her goals, she achieved them.

“For me it was all about focusing. I wanted to find the quickest and fastest thing, because I had to prove the model to myself,” she said. “Networking was long term. Telemarketing was focus. I did both in-house and outsource telemarketing. I started outsourcing it while training in December and my schedule was ready in January, so I began making calls, and attended sessions.”

Jhajharia went to training in December 2008 and set a timeline of six months from her start date, which was January 7, so the goal was to earn 2,000 pounds a month by June’s end. She got her first client in January and had one per month until June. She hit her goal in terms of clients a month earlier than she’d originally set for herself, in May.

“Once I make a promise to myself, I must fulfill it, so goal setting and achieving those targets very important to me,” she said. “The second thing was self worth, confidence and what my value was to future clients. The average investment from a client is 2000-plus.”

Before joining ActionCOACH, Jhajharia perfected her marketing and business management skills for nine years at Unilever, one of the top FMCG companies in the world. When she earned her MBA, she knew that she wanted to spend at least seven years in marketing, then move on to a consulting role.

When she found ActionCOACH, she thought it was a great opportunity, but still wanted to make sure it was the right fit for her.

“As far as my fit, I had solid grounding in business management in various roles so the question was would it work for me? Should I go independent, or get diplomas from coaching academies?” Jhajharia said. “We sat down one night and decided if we were going to do this lets go with the best, if it works then we have no regrets and we are not reinventing the wheel. We decided to give six months to it. That was the critical point. I decided, if I’m not platinum in six months, then it won’t work and I’ll move on. I wasn’t looking for a salary. I was looking for cash flow ideas and I’d move into consulting if didn’t work.”

Luckily, Jhajharia was reaching her goals, enjoying her new role as an ActionCOACH, and fast-approaching Emerald status.

“By June I could’ve gone back to Unilever but I already knew this was for me. We talk about having to be pushed to the brink, but that wasn’t the case for me because of my situation with Unilever.”

Jhajharia steadily crept closer and closer to her goal of $2,000 a month by targeting what her prospective client wanted. “From my previous experience, one thing that’s clear, if a prospect always wants choices, we have 4 levels but that can be confusing. If I want to lead my client, I lead to middle option. I had 3 programs, silver, gold and platinum. I carry a couple of agreements with different investment levels. Through my understanding of the prospect and their situation, I work out the numbers and correct agreement.”

Jhajharia also managed to land within the Top 100 Coaches in October of 2009 – more specifically, the No. 3 spot. Coaches were judged based on a variety of criteria, including client performance, growth of each coaching practice and adherence to the company’s system of business development.

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