Brad Sugars’ “Business is Booming” Tour is Headed to the U.S. and Canada

While the U.S. is still in a recession, Brad Sugars, ActionCOACH founder and chairman, will be giving his third “Business is Booming” tour in the U.S. in 2010.

Las Vegas, NV, July 30, 2010 --( The unemployment rate for the U.S. may have decreased, but at 10 percent, it’s still much higher than the usual nationwide average. Since the recession began, most business owners have been worrying over their financials and numbers, wondering how their business will stay afloat until the recession finally ends.

The business owner community needs help, and ActionCOACH founder and Chairman Brad Sugars wants to come to their rescue. How exactly can one man come to the aid of business owners all across North America?

Sugars and his team at ActionCOACH have experienced an entirely different run of events during this U.S. recession. ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching company, as well as the clients they service, have experienced continual, consistent growth.

Sugars wants to help the country get out of recession and to ease small and medium-sized business owners’ worries about their businesses. He kept thinking of a way he could get his invaluable business advice out to as many people as possible, all over the country.

What he came up with is something that most CEOs would say they’re too busy for. Something that many CEOs say they wish they had the time for, but ultimately don’t do.

Well, Brad Sugars will do exactly what CEOs and business experts should do for their clients – he will take time away from ActionCOACH and devote most of 2010 to tour North America, speaking at various places and giving business help and strategies, all in the form of what he’s dubbed the “Business is Booming” tour.

In order to really help business owners all across the country, Sugars is happy to take time off – about six or seven months of next year – to help business owners improve their teams, time management, cash flow, profitability, and the five most important metrics toward financial improvement, among other strategies and business tactics.

Sugars is embarking on his Business is Booming” tour, a 51-city tour from March through June next year through the U.S. and Canada. He’ll be sharing 28 proven strategies and “secrets” of staying in business during the current economic conditions to help small to medium-sized business owners all across the country.

“Business owners will walk away with vision and drive to take the business to the next level; instilled confidence in the business owner; an abundance of proven successful business strategies; and the ability to leverage your strengths,” Sugars said.

“Several countries – Ireland and the U.S., especially – have been hit hard by the recession, and people need business advice,” Sugars said. “This tour gives much-needed advice to coaches and their clients. I’m speaking about actionable items people can go away with and apply to their situations.”

Sugars has already done most of his tour, which started April 12. Sugars will travel to 52 cities in North America – from Las Vegas to Miami to New York City to Edmonton Alberta. After taking a break for July, he’ll resume this tour again August 23, and hopes that by visiting all these major cities, people who want to attend “Business is Booming” either live in a city he’ll be speaking in, or will live within commuting distance. To help make sure lots of people will be able to see him speak, he’s even be staying in bigger states more than one day...he’ll be travelling around Florida – Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville – for a whole week.

“The biggest disappointment is you can’t get to more people – you can only go to so many cities,” Sugars said. “There are more people that need help that just can’t get to the event. But that’s another reason I’m doing these tours – to give ActionCOACH more exposure and inform more people about what we do, so we might be able to help more people.”

Sugars is a featured columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, has given several seminars and has written several books about business strategies, including the highly acclaimed business book series, “Instant Success Series,” published by McGraw Hill.

He has maintained his stance throughout the economic instability: “If you have the knowledge, skills and guidance, you can turn the situation into a fantastic opportunity for your business.”

It’s worked for can work for other business owners.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching and executive coaching firm, with more than 1,000 offices in 32 countries. To learn more, go to For more information about the tour, go to or

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