Creating Jobs in a Down Economy; Oklahoma Business Sees Early Success

Upstart Business Experience Success in Creating Jobs by Obtaining Governmental Contracts.

Oklahoma City, OK, August 20, 2010 --( Chloeta Fire (CFI), an Oklahoma-based company specializing in natural resources and emergency services solutions, was recently awarded several multi-year contracts to provide wildfire suppression and mitigation services across the United States for several federal and state land management agencies.

The first contract, with the State of Nevada, is a two-year agreement to provide personnel, apparatus, and resources to aid in the reduction of hazardous fuels, which can contribute to a catastrophic wildfire. This contract will enable the company to employ 20-person firefighting crews as well as wildland engine personnel and associated overhead. In addition, CFI will engage prescribed fire consultants to provide comprehensive planning on long-term projects. The contract has the potential of generating $4.4 million dollars in revenue.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to provide expertise to the state of Nevada,” said Mark Masters, CFI Chief Executive Officer. “Furthermore, we are excited about the number of jobs we will be able to create here in the Sooner State.”

Similarly, the second interagency award administered by the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management is designed to prevent wildfires from threatening lives and property through the nation, a growing issue as homes continue to be developed in the wildland-urban interface. Throughout the three-year agreement, CFI will mobilize crews all over the country to provide fuels reduction services such as prescribed burning and forestry thinning.

The third interagency contract administered by the U.S. Forest Service will allow CFI to provide highly-skilled private sector wildland firefighters and fire apparatus across the nation to augment agency resources during periods of heightened activity in response to wildfires and all-risk assignments for the next three years.

“We are surprised to see this much success in such a short time period,” said Masters. “These awards are proof of how our industry will continue to grow despite tough economic times. The threat of wildfire persists regardless of the status of the economy.”

CFI is an American Indian-owned limited liability company (LLC) based in Oklahoma which provides a diverse range of natural resources and emergency services solutions to both the public and private sectors, with particular expertise in wildland and prescribed fire management. Launched in 2009, the company is quickly emerging as an industry leader.

The personnel of CFI collectively possess many decades of prior public sector firefighting employment experience in addition to advanced industry qualifications and educational backgrounds in fields such as forestry, rangeland management, and wildlife ecology. For further information, please contact Paige Tebow, Public Relations Director, toll free at (877) 245-6382 or

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