The Tower Report Launches New Website for New How-to eBook

Now available a How-to Guide on stopping or stalling foreclosure.

Atlanta, GA, August 23, 2010 --( The website has just been launched. The site is set up to market the newest Tower Report eBook Stop Foreclosure and keep your Home or Just Walk Away, which is now available for download in a PDF format.

Stop Foreclosure and keep your Home or Just Walk Away is a guide for distressed homeowners on How to stop or stall foreclosure. This report contains the latest facts and updated statistics with over 40 options, solutions and workable strategies to stop foreclosure, or show homeowners how to walk away.

Most homeowners lose their homes because of lack of knowledge. Homeowners can now gain this knowledge and keep their home with the informative and helpful doable solutions in this eBook.

In this eBook, there is everything one needs to know about dealing with a foreclosure problem. In just a few hours, anyone can learn different options, techniques and usable strategies like how to; stop foreclosure cold, stall foreclosure for months, maybe years, lower the house payment, lower the interest rate, lower the loan amount, negotiate with your bank to get the terms ones want, stay in the home rent free for months, maybe years, sell the house in a “Short Sale” and save ones credit, find the best short sale specialists, make the bank “Show You the Note,” use forensic loan auditing to ones advantage, walk away with dignity and without financial obligations, understand the tax liabilities one may face in a foreclosure. All of this and much more.

The eBook has also been published in multi-formats now available at Smashwords.To purchase the book for your Kindle, or to view it in Epub, RTF, Sony LRF, Palm Doc and other downloadable formats go to, where anyone can sample the first 15% of the eBook for free.

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