ARCpoint is Right on Point by Selling 5 Franchises in 6 Weeks

Olympia Fields, IL, August 28, 2010 --( Formally known as Accu Diagnostics based in Greenville, SC, now rebranded as ARCpoint. The new name has brought out a new beginning for this franchise by selling 5 franchises in 6 weeks, and has 60 plus potential franchisees in the pipeline. This low cost investment for an at home, mobile, business allows for many potential franchisee’s dreams to come true when it comes to owning a franchise.

ARCpoint believes in accuracy, reliability and confidentiality when it comes to their name brand. Being the leader in drug, alcohol, and background screening, ARCpoint provides the most competitive list of screening services which innovates in technology allowing them to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Not only does ARCpoint stay on the cutting edge, but they do it in a hassle free way allowing for onsite, or at home screenings. ARCpoint is a third party provider and testing facility specializing in businesses, schools, government agencies, judicial environments, and private citizens. In addition to the locations and services ARCpoint tests, they provide numerous types of testing kits ranging from urine screening kits to saliva screening kits and adulterant test strips. No matter the outcome of the test, ARCpoint provides everything needed to take the test with accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality. To get more information on the ARCpoint franchise, visit their website at, or call (864) 609-5015.

ARCpoint engaged Francorp to assist them in developing their franchise program. ARCpoint was interested in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with their franchisees and sought Francorp’s council on this issue. Francorp has been in business for over 34 years and has helped thousands of companies expand through franchising. As a one-stop shop, Francorp assists companies in the development of their franchise business plans, compliance documents, operational manuals, marketing strategies and more to help companies expand. Capitalizing on Francorp’s track record of success and wealth of franchise knowledge, ARCpoint is poised to expand with a program specifically designed to leverage their immense depth of intellectual property.

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David Wild