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Metin Bereketli Productions

Hollywood Painter Metin Bereketli's Phoenix Exhibition a Hit with Arizona Art Lovers

Metin has won the hearts of art lovers in Phoenix, Arizona with his heartwarming exhibition at the Tree of Life Gallery

Beverly Hills, CA, August 23, 2005 --( Metin Bereketli, Hollywood’s charitable international artist renown for his DIVERSITY-series of striking compositions and one-of-a-kind “Healing Art” therapeutic art program, has won the hearts of art lovers in Phoenix, Arizona with his heartwarming exhibition at the Tree of Life Gallery (

Visitors at Metin's exhibition:

The original paintings that the art lovers paid special attention to were the rock-solid and triumphant GOD BLESS AMERICA and the shockingly original and mysterious ETERNAL CITY.

DIVERSITY 2 was another Metin creation that reflected the Gallery's deep respect for diversity and peaceful cohabitation of all cultures and forms of life.


Metin's Arizona Collection, a special tribute to the vibrant spirit of the Southwest, can be savored at

“What a great job the gallery owner Jim Jenkins (the Founder and Chairman of the Tree of Life Gallery) did with this beautiful, cozy and top-of-the-line art platform in sunny Phoenix!” said one of the visitors who appreciated the variety of art offered by the Phoenix's newest contribution to the Southwest's vibrant art platform.

************** Who is Hollywood's Healing Painter Metin Bereketli?

Born on the shores of the blue Mediterranean, Metin's first memories in life have been the bright sun-lit colors and shimmering forms of open water. So it's not a surprise that America's foremost diversity artist has chosen another great city by the sea, the mighty Los Angeles, as his home port.

Raised in a caring middle-class household of civil servants, Metin's artistic urges first manifested themselves in the form of a love of the movies, on the one hand, and a relentless wanderlust that propelled him to travel far and wide as a young man.

Following the early years he has spent in the Middle East and Europe, Metin migrated to the United States in the mid-80's to search for his destiny in the Promised Land. After working in the film studios of North Carolina and Texas, Metin settled permanently in Los Angeles to launch his new career as a painter of relentless hope and irrepressible joy.

Starting off from the naïve painting tradition and then blending it with his own layers of "empowering diversity," Metin has quickly emerged as one of the up-and-coming artists of note. He has successfully developed a distinguished visual style appealing to a diverse demographics of art connoisseurs.

True to his understanding that “we get only what we give in life,” Metin has also launched a "Healing Art" platform through which he introduced thousands of children with serious ailments to the miracle of art therapy. Today he attends many such workshops across America carrying the torch of hope to those who need it most.

Metin's high-traffic web site is a testimony to the prodigious energies that animate Metin's work from inside out. Please check it out today and hear the Mediterranean roar into the Pacific with joy.

To promote healing through giving, Metin has generously supported many charities with his art. To see a partial list of Metin's generosity please visit

To learn more about Metin, please read what the others have voluntarily offered about Hollywood's Healing Painter:

Hollywood Painter's unique designs make a wonderful gift for all occasions. See the various gift possibilities at Metin's GIFT STORE:

Metin's peaceful art is available for exhibitions, charity fund-raising functions and licensing opportunities, as well as for TV and movie appearances and “Healing Art” sessions.

For all full-color possibilities and engagements please contact:

Roberto Silverman at (323) 856-4789
P.O. Box 33 Beverly Hills, CA 90213

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