Expert Canadian Lean Consultants Offer Advice on a Few Universal Points to Optimize Enterprise and Better Bottom Lines

Carlsbad, CA, September 13, 2010 --( Peter Rice, Rice Consulting Associates; Steve Jackson, Synchronix Inc.; and Bill Cloke, P. ENG, Certified Management Consultant, Grant Thornton all spoke with Business Review Canada and offered up their unique, personal methods to helping a business realize more efficient, profitable operations.

“Some mangers have all of the lingo down—the lean speak and a bunch of Japanese words. The managers with big egos are showing how much they know instead of really communicating,” said Cloke.

Cloke is responsible for helping manufacturing and distribution clients improve processes and ensure profitable growth. He has more than 25 years of industry exposure in consulting and line management. Jackson was one of the first independent consultants in the world to be invited to receive “Jonah” training by Dr. Eli Goldratt, author of The Goal. Rice has more than 43 years of industry experience including 18 years in various management roles and 17 years in consulting/management advisory roles.

Read more to find out exactly what will work for your company and how to implement the best practices available, here.

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