Two Years Removed from the Financial Crisis, Forte Consultancy Group Continues Its Growth in the MENA Region

Forte Consultancy Group’s successful track record of 24 projects over the past 24 months is proof positive of the need for results-driven, implementation-oriented professional consultancy services in the MENA region.

Istanbul, Turkey, September 27, 2010 --( Two years have now passed since a certain financial behemoth went under, an event which rolled like a tsunami throughout global markets, triggering the deepest recession the world has seen in dozens of years. The MENA region was not spared, with Dubai one of the prominent victims of the downturn.

Yet, one consulting company has flourished during these trying times. Forte Consultancy Group, a consulting house with offices in Turkey and the UAE, recently signed a new contract to make it 24 engagements in the last 24 months. “To be honest, we were as worried as anyone about the impact the crisis coming out of Wall Street would have on our business in the region,” said Forte’s General Manager Ali Pirinccioglu, “but I can without a doubt say we’ve made it through the downturn stronger than ever.”

Reflecting on why he believes the past two years have been such a success for the company, Mr. Pirinccioglu stated “I believe it’s because we are completely results-driven in everything we do as Forte – we start with finding facts, and finish with implementing our recommendations. We’re not one of those companies that just hands over a stack of documents and wishes the client the best of luck.”

Over the course of the past two years, the consulting house has helped mainly blue-chip companies in the region improve their business operations through engagements spanning a variety of topics - from customer analytics to strategic planning, from channel development to program management. Companies in sectors that have particularly been affected by the downturn have also turned to Forte for assistance, with projects completed across such industries as telecommunications, media, technology, automotive, retail, real estate, hospitality, healthcare, e-Commerce and even non-profit.

“During the early part of the crisis we were thrilled to sign on new clients, not sure if they’d be our last until some kind of recovery came along,” said Mr. Pirinccioglu. “Now we’re so busy we can barely celebrate when we add on new clients or engagements.”

The firm is still growing rapidly, and its recent hires demonstrate its commitment to expertise and experience. “Our clients truly value the quality and efficiency we display in the work we do with them, so we are very careful about who we hire. This high standard we’ve set has to be adhered to in all ongoing and future engagements,” said Mr. Pirinccioglu.”

"In terms of the company’s future plans," Mr. Pirinccioglu stated that rapid and uncontrolled growth is out of the question. "We are more ambitious about the quality, and not the quantity, of our work. So, although our plans involve expansion into new countries and markets in the region, we’ll do so only with the right resources on board who can ensure we always excel in delivery. We’ve recently turned down clients because we felt engaging with them could result in a downturn in our overall value proposition."

About Forte Consultancy Group
Forte Consultancy Group is a regional consulting company operating out of Turkey and the UAE that provides a variety of service offerings for numerous sectors, approached in three general phases - intelligence, design, and implementation. Forte consultants design data-driven, implementable solutions that generate short-term results and drive sustainable competitiveness.

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