Success for Logismarket’s International Online Logistics Directories in 2006, with Further Expansion Planned for 2007

Mass expansion into new territories and services for Logismarket, the online industrial directory for logistics, storage, packaging and industrial equipment suppliers, made 2006 a great success. The company looks forward to new challenges in an exciting 2007.

York, United Kingdom, January 12, 2007 --( International industrial directory had a record year in 2006 with the expansion of their online directories across Europe and the addition of new products and services, the company reports., the online directory of companies and products related to all aspects of logistics management, storage, packaging and industrial equipment, has seen record visitor numbers during 2006.

In the last twelve months, new local directories have been introduced in Poland, Switzerland and Austria.

Logismarket also has sites in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, the Benelux countries and Spain, as well as an international version.

Miguel Davila of Logismarket said: “The growth of the Logismarket industrial directories has been at an even faster pace than we anticipated at the start of 2006. This proves to us that there is a huge demand for comprehensive local directories, populated by the best companies, providing worldwide logistics services, packaging and storage systems and other industrial supplies.”

By October 2006, visitors to the Logismarket network of sites had exceeded all recorded numbers.

Over 2,800 companies are listed, providing services as wide-ranging as industrial cranes, electric pallet trucks and wholesale packaging supplies.

Miguel Davila explained: “One of the keys to the success of Logismarket’s success is the creation of user-friendly directories. Our sites are designed intuitively and allow companies to include a wide variety of information, including documents to download, giving users extra peace of mind when assessing the quality of services available.”

The Logismarket sites provide company and product information, using live, updated content and powered by search engines that allow users to easily navigate the sites and find the products they are looking for.

The complete product files include a detailed description with technical features, photos, a table with variants, as well as additional information in PDF format. Visitors will also find a description of the company's activity, contact information and access to all products currently on the market.

Note to editors:
Data on visitors to the Logismarket sites has been audited by the Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión (OJD)

During October 2006, in excess of 830,000 users visited the sites.
By the end of 2006, over 2,800 companies, with more than 40,000 product listings have been entered in the Logismarket directories.

The directory categories include:
Forklifts, Pallet Trucks & Other Vehicles
Containers, Pallets & Receptacles
Conveying, Handling & Lifting Systems
Storage Systems
Transport & Logistics
Warehouse Equipment & Installations
Software & Industrial Consulting
Labelling, Identification & Radiofrequency
Supplies, IT & Maintenance

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