“Men Behaving Badly” Revealed on

New York, NY, August 30, 2005 --( Did a man ever treat you in a way that is so appalling you feel the need to share it with other women just in case they ever run into him? Well now you can do just that at A new website where women can compare, discuss, and warn one another about the all the horrible things men are capable of doing in the name of love. offers a message board arranged by different locations where members can post the first name, last initial and full details of the men who have screwed them over. Members will be able to private message one another if they see someone from their area who looks familiar, providing a warning system of sorts for cads from all over the world. More importantly though, this website is for women to come together and share their experiences.

“Every woman I know, single or married, who has spent any amount of time dating has had at least one horrible experience with a complete jerk,” says Erica Jane, Editor and Creator of “I just figured it would be a great idea to start an online community where everyone could talk about it openly and make each other feel better. I mean what good is going through it all if you can't share it with other girls and laugh about it.”

Check out the website at and join the community now to start sharing.

Erica Jane