Astronauts4Hire Offers Limited Time High Profile Sponsorship Special

Tampa, FL, October 28, 2010 --( For a limited time, Astronauts4Hire is offering a Sponsorship Special leading up to its inaugural mission testing the world’s first beer brewed specifically for drinking in space. During this promotion, sponsors contributing $1,000 or more will receive a shoulder logo on the flight suit worn by the Astronaut4Hire researcher during the historic flight. Sponsors of $5,000 or more will receive a logo on the chest of the flight suit and mention in all future press releases regarding the flight. With the high level of media attention expected, sponsors will gain extensive exposure to national and international audiences.

During the planned November 19, 2010 flight aboard Zero Gravity Corporation’s specially modified aircraft, the Astronauts4Hire flight researcher will sample the specially produced beer during periods of weightlessness and record biometric and qualitative data related to the beer’s drinkability. The Vostok Space Beer, produced as a joint venture between Saber Astronautics Australia and the 4-Pines Brewing Company, is a recipe designed to meet anticipated demand from the budding space tourism market while still being popular here on Earth.

The flight activity will be captured by multiple high-definition video cameras, and two international Discovery Channel shows are planned to film the flight for inclusion in upcoming features. Astronauts4Hire has already gained massive worldwide attention since it first announced the space beer testing mission in September. NPR, BBC, Time magazine, Discover magazine, Popular Science, and many others have already featured stories on the project.

Interested sponsors should contact Astronauts4Hire by November 5 to be eligible for the special promotion. All funds will support Astronauts4Hire’s mission to increase the competitiveness of commercial astronaut candidates by providing skills training, facilitating forums for candidate communication, engaging with potential employers, and inspiring the next generation.

About Astronauts4Hire:
Astronauts for Hire, Inc. is a non-profit corporation poised to blaze new trails in the commercial spaceflight industry. Its members are available for hire by researchers to conduct experiments on suborbital flights. As the gateway to commercial human spaceflight, Astronauts4Hire serves as the matchmaker among the suborbital research community, training providers, and spaceflight operators. For more information, please visit or contact Public Relations Officer Ben Corbin at ben.corbin[at] or at (850) 685-2218.

About Saber Astronautics Australia:
Saber Astronautics Australia is a new space engineering company that researches logistics and operations solutions for the space industry. They are also actively involved in bringing their passion for space to the public community. For more information, please visit or contact Dr. Jason Held at jheld[at] or at +61 (04) 3317-8740.

About 4-Pines Brewing Company:
The 4-Pines Brewing Company is an up and coming microbrewery located in Manly near Sydney, Australia. They have made a name for themselves for their high quality beer, which has recently won national and international awards for their purity and strong flavors. For more information, please visit Contacts include Jaron Mitchell at jaron[at] or +61 (04) 0563-7644 and Adam Mitchell at adam[at] or +61 (04) 0708-9741.

Ben Corbin
(850) 685-2218