Quad Pods are Coming! Video Camera Stabilizers and Steady Pods at Quad-Pods.com

Tom Barrera, the inventor of a Video Camera Stabilizer System called Quad-Pods, announced their new product line targeted to professional videographers. Also new, the Quad Pod Junior for consumer video enthusiasts and the Quad Pod Combo for photo-videographers.

Quad Pods are Coming! Video Camera Stabilizers and Steady Pods at Quad-Pods.com
Clifton Park, NY, January 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Quad Pods are multi function hand held video camera stabilizer systems with convienient built in stands. The overall design allows the operator to attach a video camera and naturally move about while filming. Both hands are used to grip, balance and steady the camera. This provides the operator with steady video. Far better then what can be achieved with just a hand held camera alone. Quad Pods are intended for use by professional videographers and amateur video enthusiasts alike. They are perfect for video cameras up to 8 lbs.

With the advent of smaller video cameras, comes a need for a convenient, easy to use, camera support and stabilization device that can help keep a camera steady while filming. Modern day digital video cameras are great technically, but suffer from unsteadiness due to their small and light designs. It is difficult for even professionals to hold a video camera steady while filming, especially while zooming or moving around. Amateurish looking video is often the result.

Many attempts have been made to provide for steadying video cameras via harnesses and shoulder support systems while the operator is moving or at rest. These systems are fine but expensive, have limitations and are primarily for professionals and are not user friendly to small camera owners. Most consumers that use small size video cameras find tripods inconvenient to use. Professionals that use medium size video cameras generally use tripods but could benefit from the mobility of a Quad Pod. When you need to go mobile, the quad pod is off in a snap.

The Quad Pod Pro, Quad Pod Jr and the revolutionary New Quad Combo series were designed by Tom Barrera, a Videographer, for Videographers. All were designed to be versatile and meet the needs of professional filmmakers, event videographers as well as amateurs, just about anyone that uses a video camera.

Whatever your shooting situation or talent with a video camera, Quad Pods can help you shoot better. The system is extremely easy to use and improves upon and simplifies the features of the best, more expensive camera stabilizers and shoulder support systems now available.

Stuck behind a tripod with a bad angle? No problem, just snap out and your hand held and stable to get to a better spot, and the footage on the way there can be cinematic and steady. This is important especially if you are on a 1 camera shoot, not shooting B roll footage. With a Quad Pod your footage can be more cinematic, nothing impresses a bride more than seeing her first dance in panoramic motion, not just from a tripod in a corner.

Shooting multi cam? Have both cameras on Quads that are mounted to tripods. Either camera can be off quickly and easily so you can get some great A and B roll.

It is the intent of this invention to provide a user-friendly alternative to current support and stabilizing devices now available for consumer and pro-sumer video cameras. It is also the intent to make various models of these devices so that consumers as well as professionals will be able to use them. 

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