SmithStreet and Vanguard Strategy Formalize Their Strategic Alliance

SmithStreetSolutions, a Shanghai-based consultancy focused on China market strategies, and Vanguard Strategy, a UK-based boutique strategy consulting firm specializing in market and brand growth strategy on a global basis have now after years of collaboration formalized their strategic alliance to provide comprehensive consulting services in the China market.

Shanghai, China, November 10, 2010 --( The proposition, which combines SmithStreet’s ability to draw deep insights on business in China and Vanguard’s ability to form effective strategies to address consumer behavior, will provide clients with a comprehensive platform to understand how to define and sell to various consumer cohorts, compete for consumer choice, and grow effectively across China.

SmithStreet’s expertise in primary research digs deep into the value chain to understand market drivers and competitor strategies, creating a basis for consumer segmentation and strategy. Vanguard’s approach is a quantitative, integrated, and economically correct market framework to make dynamic scenario simulations for strategy development, evaluation and implementation.

“We believe the synergies created through this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both parties. The cooperation will provide a platform to deliver optimal consumer branding and strategy solutions for our clients that are looking to expand their reach into the China market,” says Franklin Yao, CEO of SmithStreetSolutions.

“Because the Chinese market is so dynamic the classic consulting approaches falls short for a successful China market strategy. Jointly we provide a fact-based approach to simulate and analyze the impact of China market dynamics on optimal market strategy,” says Lars Finskud, MD of Vanguard Strategy.

About SmithStreetSolutions
SmithStreetSolutions is a Shanghai-based consulting and advisory company. Functioning as a business intelligence engine for China that collects, filters and analyzes information, SmithStreet provides the answers and solutions needed to create successful business and investment strategies for the China market. Since 2007, SmithStreet has provided its global clients with strategic consulting, market research, due diligence, and investment advisory services across a wide range of industries.

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About Vanguard Strategy
Vanguard Strategy is an independent strategy consulting firm established in 1998 with offices in New York and London. Vanguard specialises in developing fact-based, customer-focused growth strategy for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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