Universal Laser Systems® Announces New Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform™

Scottsdale, AZ, November 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Universal Laser Systems, Inc. (ULS), a leading manufacturer of CO2 lasers and laser systems, introduces a new Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform to add to their line of laser engraving and cutting solutions. The PLS6MW features a fiber laser for direct metal marking that can be interchanged with a CO2 laser for processing other materials like wood and plastic – all in the same laser system.

The PLS6MW model builds on Universal’s patented Rapid Reconfiguration™ technology which gives customers the ability to interchange laser sources without the need for realignment or special tools. The PLS6MW has a 32x18-inch (813x457mm) processing area and supports a 30-watt fiber laser source that can be interchanged with Universal’s CO2 lasers ranging from 10 to 75 watts. The fiber laser source is ideal for cutting foil and marking a broad range of metals like stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and carbide. It can also mark some plastics including Delrin and ABS. The CO2 laser source is ideal for engraving and cutting operations – specifically for wood, acrylic, glass, anodized aluminum, fabric and other organic materials. In addition to the 10.6 micron wavelength, Universal’s CO2 lasers are also available with a wavelength of 9.3 microns for PET marking and other applications.

“We’re very excited to introduce the new Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform that’s ideal for such a wide range of customers in manufacturing, design and development and other industries,” said Chris Risser, Engineer and Systems Product Development Manager for Universal Laser Systems. “The flexibility of being able to interchange laser sources from a fiber laser to a CO2 laser and back again with no tools is a key benefit and is unique to Universal. This attribute gives users the ability to process a wide range of materials in one laser system.”

Universal’s new Multi-Wave Laser Platform will be available for delivery beginning in January 2011. Visit Universal Laser Systems at www.ulsinc.com for details on the new Multi-Wave Laser Platform or call 1-800-859-7033 for more information.

About Universal Laser Systems
Founded in 1988, Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of CO2 lasers and laser systems. Its comprehensive line of CO2 lasers offer output power from 10 to 150 watts. Universal’s laser systems are used to cut, mark and engrave plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, rubber, acrylic, textiles and many other materials. The laser systems are widely used throughout Fortune 500 to small businesses in the automotive, aerospace, awards, electronics, packaging and manufacturing industries to produce a variety of goods ranging from custom, one-off items to identical mass-produced parts and products. More information on the Company is available at www.ulsinc.com, by phoning 800-859-7033 (or 480-483-1214 from outside the United States) or via email at moreinfo@ulsinc.com.

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Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform

Multi-Wavelength Laser Platform

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