Fasturtle Looks to the Future with Promotion of Jennifer Ring

Scottsdale, AZ, November 17, 2010 --( What started out as a simple Craigslist job posting, has turned into a fulfilling career for one Arizona native. After many years of journeying down the proverbial yellow brick road of her career, Jennifer Ring has seemed to find her niche as Fasturtle, an established Scottsdale website design firm. After only two years at the firm, Ring has excelled at three different positions, quickly working her way up the ladder to the recently promoted position of Accounting Department Manager.

And while people have come and gone during her time at Fasturtle, Jennifer believes that the team now has a strong dynamic that is based in supporting each other. On top of that, she says, “The owner has always been caring and involved, which makes the job so much more pleasant.” As a Yankees fan, she even enjoys a friendly rivalry with the owner, a die-hard Red Sox fan who was born in Massachusetts.

Born and raised in Arizona, Jennifer recently married in April and enjoys life on the west side of the valley with their three kids. Ring makes the hour commute to Scottsdale every day because she says, “I have enjoyed my time at Fasturtle more than any other job I’ve ever had. I love that my job is different every day.”

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Starting as an Administrative Assistant, Jennifer has endeavored to learn almost every facet of the company in order to best serve her clients. Her background includes extensive office experience, medical billing and even enrollment counseling. Jennifer’s plans for the new position are to take Fasturtle to the next level while keeping them competitive in the market. Eric Olsen, CEO of Fasturtle says, “The decision to promote Jennifer was easy. While it might not be the most glamorous job, accounting is the heartbeat of any business’ bottom line. We are lucky to have a sharp mind in that department.”
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