The Modern Organizing Co. Takes a “Team Approach” to Professional Organizing Services for Homes and Offices throughout the Dallas, TX Area

From closets to file cabinets and everything in between, The Modern Organizing Co. teams save you time and money by implementing simple techniques to get you organized.

Dallas, TX, January 23, 2007 --( The Modern Organizing Co., or MOCO, is headed by Professional Organizer Tonya’ Bouchard and Business Entrepreneur and Consultant Amy Love. MOCO takes professional organizing to new levels by implementing a “team approach.” “Using this team approach, the efficiency and results of the project increase dramatically,” states Tonya’, “Everyone brings something different to the table; there are always new ideas to add to your specific organizing plan. And, with two organizers on the job, your project will be completed in a shorter amount of time so you can begin enjoying the results sooner!”

The organizational systems that The Modern Organizing Co. implements are user-friendly and easy to maintain. “With all our clients I try and incorporate color and a bit of whimsy,” Tonya’ says, “I believe color adds an additional dimension to the organizing process and helps people maintain the systems designed for their needs.”

Becoming organized not only makes your space appear neater and cleaner, but actually saves you precious time and money. By not wasting time searching for items, and having your things readily accessible, you save time and stress. When you know what items you have in your pantry and kitchen cupboards, you don’t waste money on buying things again and again simply because you couldn’t find them.

The Modern Organizing Co. provides organizing services throughout Dallas and surrounding areas. All projects begin with a free consultation. More information is available on the The Modern Organizing Co. website at or by calling 1-877-8GO-MOCO.

Tonya’ says, “What I desire most for our clients is for them to realize the freedom being organized gives you both physically and emotionally. By ridding yourself of the clutter, you make room for so much more – a new beginning!”

The Modern Organizing Co.
Amy Love