is Receiving Increasing Enquiries for Translations Into the Portuguese and French Languages

Mein Schreibservice. de has been receiving increasing enquiries for translations into the Portuguese and French languages lately and has duly expanded their translation capacities.

Cape Town, South Africa, November 19, 2010 --( Mein Schreibservice. de already covers a large extent of writing and translation assignments in the main European languages as well as in the 11 official South African languages but its not done yet. The online writing and translation agency is aiming to further improve its existing services in accordance with client requests – be it transcription, data capturing, editing or translation.

Mein has recently experienced an increase in the demand for translations into European languages, such as Portuguese and French and the team is now eagerly looking forward to more new challenging assignments. is constantly looking for native speakers of all possible languages to expand their pool of freelance translators. The translation agency benefits not only from the Cape’s pleasant climate, but also from the large amount of expats living in South Africa who are native speakers of various European languages.

“It is important to be flexible and to be able to meet all of our clients requests; this is why we have a large pool of professional translators in all possible languages. We pride ourselves in producing the highest degree of quality which means that all the documents go through a second check and are edited and proofread to ensure complete customer satisfaction” says Tatjana de Silva, Project Manager at in South Africa. “We only choose highly qualified native speakers for our translation assignments. Our advantage is being based in Cape Town, South Africa’s melting pot of different nationalities. We are always eager to face the challenge of translating demanding texts in any language. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any individual request!”

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