Rottweiler Assists with New Book from Seasoned Small Business Consultant Jerry Robertson

New Small Business book shows how a Rottweiler can help make your small business successful. Jerry Robertson along with his dog sidekick explain the behaviors of a successful business and much more.

Plano, TX, January 24, 2007 --( As we start the New Year, consultant Jerry Robertson with the help of Sterna the Rottweiler is releasing a book that will challenge the face of small business. Small Business Owners must meet the challenge of making the most of their operation year round. Robertson has developed over 25 years of management and consulting experience, making Shocking Truth to Small Business Success, an invaluable tool towards success. Whether it's employee relations, customer service, special events planning, marketing or advertising, the book is designed to create a leadership ethic. Robertson has extended an intimate knowledge of helping both corporate managers and small business owners to develop personal strategies. His motivational ideas can inspire the willing to organize their life, set goals, eliminate stress and find balance between business and pleasure.

The STERNA Principle (named after the extraordinary Rottweiler), which prompts managers to facilitate Superior Customer Service, a Terrific Place to Work, Educating Employees, and Resistance to Change Reduction, New Exciting Ideas and Always Improving. While getting the word out about his new book Robertson is also offering free speaking engagements for trade associations, Chamber of Commerce groups or any business related organizations. Shocking Truth to Small Business Success packs the promise of taking management to soaring heights on the small business front, but also opens the door to a genuine Maverick approach.

Shocking Truth to Small Business Success is not your typical business book and Robertson's methods have been fine tuned as the “Maverick” approach. Robertson believes in training Sterna, but not employees. Training leads to high competence in a specific skill. Educating employees enables them to deal with and solve a broad range of problems.

JROB Consulting has always provided a sophisticated approach, but at an affordable budget and now that wisdom is translated into the book. Many of JROB Consulting's clients have been once successful businesses that lost their way or outgrew their operation. Robertson's book similarly enables struggling managers to reawaken their entrepreneurial gusto or prepares budding businesses to harness new levels of achievement.

Robertson's Website,, is loaded with a wealth of information to get managers on the right track and you can even see the amazing Sterna. There are free newsletters, feature articles on topics covering Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, E-Commerce and Small Businesses, also plenty of tips and freebies to go around. One of the major topics covered in Shocking Truth to Small Business Success and within JROB Consulting includes development of Special Events for small businesses. Robertson describes this as one the most effective ways managers can make their businesses stand out. It keeps things new and fresh, allowing an educational process for employees, as well as learning about their customer base. Robertson's new book with his sidekick Sterna is itself an event to take note of as they usher the small business industry into new horizons.

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