Andrea Arena, CEO of 2 Places At 1 Time, Inc. Named 2010 Leading Mom in Business by StartUp Nation

StartUp Nation has named Andrea Arena a “2010 Leading Mom in Business.”

Atlanta, GA, December 10, 2010 --( StartUp Nation has named Andrea Arena a “2010 Leading Mom in Business.” With her busy schedule running a successful national corporate concierge service while single-handedly raising her precocious 2 year old, it’s a real testament to her character that she can balance both life and work so well. Andrea knows all too well the findings of Gallup’s 2004 Annual Lifestyle Poll which indicates that working mothers are the most stressed out members of the work force. And she is actually doing something about it. Andrea’s company, 2 Places At 1 Time, excels in providing work/life balance by offering concierge and errand running services across North America. 2 Places provides services as ordinary as picking up dry cleaning to as extraordinary as planning honeymoons, and everything in between. Either offered as an employee benefit or a customer loyalty program, the concierge service provides an extra set of “feet on the street” to complete personal tasks so customers can focus on what is really important while helping corporations show their understanding of their employees’ busy lives. Whether she is leading her company - 2 Places At 1 Time, volunteering in her community, coaching young entrepreneurs, participating in a variety of civic organizations or being a great Mom and roll-model for her daughter, Andrea has mastered the art of being in at least two places at one time.

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