Small Business 7 Tips for Valentine’s Day Traffic

Holidays are great times for special events. Separate your business from others by holding exciting special events. You will find 7 tips for special events for Valentine's Day.

Plano, TX, January 29, 2007 --( Valentine's Day is a perfect time of year to show new and old customers how your business is better than the competition. You just need to get them into your business by being different from everyone else. Jerry Robertson of JrobConsulting offers the following advice for those looking to bring more customers to their business for Valentine’s. “Customers love special events. Make them an offer; they cannot refuse to check out your small business.”

Jerry, author of "Shocking Truth to Small Business Success" shares store event tips for small businesses for Valentine’s Day. The most important thing he discovered was to distinguish yourself from your competition and to create a more exciting shopping experience. Here are 7 tips to get more customers into your business.

1. For Valentine’s, you can take pictures of couples. You could offer these at your cost or even better free. The purpose is to get people into your small business. If you use a digital camera, you could send them the photos by e-mail. This gives you a second chance for exposure of your business.

2. If your business has a younger crowd, consider a Caricaturist. This would make a unique attraction to your small business.

3. You could even have a contest giving away gift cards or gift certificates to your business. It could be for the longest and shortest married or have a contest where the couple who knows the most about their partner wins a prize.

4. Other possibilities could include having a greeting card or love song or poem contest.

5. Employees can help with suggestions. Think of other upcoming events such as St. Pat’s Day, Easter and so forth to use special events. The key is to use them often as possible and be creative.

6. If your special event is unique and newsworthy, you may be able to get media coverage. This can help your business long after the special event.

7. Advertise your special events at the store, radio and newspaper at least the week before. The more you hold special events, the more shoppers it will bring to your small business.

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Jerry Robertson