Bostech and Radley Corporation Celebrate Successful Partnership

The four year partnership between Bostech Corporation and Radley Corporation has resulted in implementations of hundreds of enterprise-level client applications. Their extended list of successful customer relationships is directly attributed to Bostech and Radley’s unwavering commitment to the mutual integration partner’s success.

Columbus, OH, January 29, 2007 --( Below is a customer study of one joint client, Brightree, who automated their EDI Healthcare claims with the Bostech/Radley partnered ChainBuilder-EDI solution in a hosted environment. For more information about obtaining this type of B2B solution, visit

Hosted ChainBuilder-EDI Solution Automates EDI Healthcare Claims for Brightree 

Brightree ( is the fastest growing provider of business management solutions in the Home Medical Equipment (HME) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) market. In 2006 Brightree expects to process over $1 billion in claims and add a new customer approximately every other business day. Brightree is the only solution of its type endorsed by the 2,200+ member VGM service organization. 

Prior to the implementation, Brightree’s EDI claims process was manually intensive. An operator was required to login to each of the four Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCs) or an EDI clearinghouse to send or receive files for the insurance provider. Because the DMERCs use asynchronous dial-up technology, the process was time consuming with frequent dropped connections. As their customer base increased, the issue of re-connects for dropped connections intensified.

In addition, the challenge of “payor specific” edits was continuing to affect the current application as more and more payors became supported. Each of these requests to generate a claim in the format required by the payor required a new release of the software. These challenges pushed Brightree to find an automated solution that accommodated the EDI claims submission requirements of the DMERCs and provided a more timely solution to payor specific edits. 

The Brightree Solution
Brightree made the decision to replace their manual system with the partnered Bostech and Radley solution, ChainBuilder-EDI. Brightree now has the capacity to produce, verify and automate all of the processes related to EDI. With the provided EDI Mapper, Brightree has the flexibility to produce a standard EDI document with verification. Brightree can optionally add or change information that is required for a specific carrier, without the need to hard code the solution. Claims start from the Brightree application through a web service and claim generation is placed in an EDI Scheduler for immediate transmission. Upon completion, status is returned to Brightree along with any relevant reports for that transmission. Data movement is scheduled for every customer with automatic reports available to the Brightree customer.

While the flow and reporting of data was a significant improvement, the ChainBuilder EDI solution also resolved the two key criteria for selecting the product: the ability to handle specific insurance carrier’s specifications in a mapping situation rather than hard coding and the automation of the DMERC’s dial-up async access. 

"Brightree is a progressive medical claims processing software company. We are known in the industry for aggressively leveraging technology to speed and automate business processes" comments Brightree’s IT Manager, Mike Durnwald, "The solution has helped us meet our EDI goals by removing all of the manual processes from our eCommerce processing. It has allowed us to standardize our processes and produce faster claims, and in turn, helped us better meet the needs of our clients." 

The Partnered ChainBuilder-EDI Solution for B2B Processing

The Bostech/Radley ChainBuilder-EDI solution is a standards-based B2B platform that provides the reliability, availability, and performance required to connect your business to your customers, suppliers, and partners. The solution makes it easy to deploy, manage, and implement application-to-application integration and other B2B business processes. Graphical user interfaces simplify ease of use with intuitive navigation. Job scheduling allows for unattended processing and user definable processes.

ChainBuilder-EDI supports traditional and emerging EDI standards (including EDIFACT, ASC X12, ODETTE, VDA, XML, and subsets), the dynamic requirements networks (including internet, VANs, protocol connections, user defined communication), extensive communication protocols (including ftp/s, http/s, bisync, AS2 and point-to-point) to create a progressive B2B solution for clients.

The five supported areas of the ChainBuilder EDI solution are the Mapper, Scheduler, Document Journal and processing of Purchase Order and Shipping requests.

· The EDI Mapper facilitates point and click translation of incoming and outgoing EDI messages via a graphical user interface to map data from source format to target format. The Mapper includes predefined EDI standard documents that can be used as the basis for trading partner specific mapping requirements making mapping even easier.

· The EDI Scheduler controls the automation and execution of user-defined jobs for unattended processing, reducing dependence on manual user interventions. Built-in email alert mechanisms send processing logs and audit trails to users when jobs complete, that includes exception-based event processing with configurable re-try attempts.

· The Document Journal generates “human readable” reports matching inbound/outbound documents to originating outbound/inbound documents based on the control numbers contained in the EDI data file. The journal can reprocess or resend any data stored in any archived document.

· Purchase Order Processing is an important component of any business. While EDI automates the receipt of purchase orders, the reliable and accurate processing of those orders is critical to the success of your organization. The EDI solution stores purchase order information, any changes and acknowledgments and eventually converts the purchase order information directly into an invoice.

· To streamline and verify the Shipping Process is the last yet critical step business documents take to get your products to your customers. ChainBuilder-EDI will populate customer’s shipment transactions, generate labels, and maintain and send shipment notices.

About Radley Corporation
For more than 30 years, Radley Corporation has been providing innovative, fully integrated, B2B EDI and Automated Data Collection solutions for companies across a wide range of industries. Radley’s integration tools simplify business processes, improve customer service, and provide cost savings across the supply chain. All Radley Integration Suite solutions can be delivered as a traditional license or as a hosted solution. Radley also offers a Business Activity Monitor, which provides powerful monitoring and analytical tools, such as real-time alerts, highly visual, personalized dashboards and report viewing. Radley has had great success partnering with companies such as Bostech Corporation, in providing seamless integration to a variety of software products. Radley Corporation is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, while our Data Collection division is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, visit us at 

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Bostech Corporation consists of a team of early pioneers in the integration software market place. Bostech's ChainBuilder is a prominent cross-industry integration tool used by organizations ranging from e-commerce retailers like to energy producers like Aventine Renewable Energy. Bostech has enhanced the ChainBuilder Suite to include ChainBuilder ESB, a new JBI-compliant Enterprise Service Bus for automating your SOA environment. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with company operations in Columbus, Ohio and Beijing, China, Bostech Corporation was founded by Brad Bostic and is privately owned. For more information, visit us at

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