Launch of Sitcentech, the Consulting Leader in Situation Centres

Sitcentech Pte Ltd, registered in Singapore on January 2007, is an independent company specialized in turnkey Situation Centre solutions for large organizations and government bodies.

Singapore, Singapore, January 30, 2007 --( The Situation Centre (Sitcen) concept has been developed recently for large organizations to manage today’s overwhelming flow of information.

A Sitcen allows high-level decision makers to optimize strategic information and to improve an organization’s reactivity by:
• making the internal and outside worlds more visible to its leaders.
• anticipating future scenarios and preparing responses.
• allowing its leaders to make sounder decisions.
• keeping its leaders informed at any time, any place.

Originally developed in the defence sector, a Sitcen meets Chiefs of Staffs’ vital needs, i.e. to anticipate crisis and to react to changes in a timely manner. The Pentagon, the NATO, the Chiefs of Staff of the major western powers all rely today on their Situation Centres. These have become the central tools in which political and military leaders interact, make decisions and take actions.

In the past few years Sitcens have been implemented by other public bodies such as the European Union, the United Nations and numerous European Police forces.

"A few weeks after its implementation, the Sitcen became the nerve centre of the organization, in such a way that its executives wondered how they had managed to do their job without it,” says Gilles Depardieu, Operations Director of Sitcentech, about his last experience. He has built and managed several Situation Centres and has witnessed the revolution a Sitcen brings in an organization headquarters, changes that are far more profound than expected. Indeed, contrary to Crisis Centres, Sitcens target the day to day tasks of the top management.

Sitcentech provides the following range of services to its clients:
- Assessment of the organization's existing information management structure.
- Feasibility study of a Sitcen in the client’s headquarters.
- Installation and integration of information systems. 
- Training of Sitcen operatives and organization's executives. 
- Commissioning of the system. 
- Handover of procedures and operational handbooks. 
- Maintenance of procedures and equipments.

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