In the Midst of Economic Downturn - Entrepreneurship is Alive - Boutique Entertainment Consulting Firm Launches in OC

Los Angeles, CA, December 15, 2010 --( Lucid Motions launches its business operations from the greater Los Angeles area. Orange County based Lucid Motions is an entertainment consulting firm providing a blend of theatrical properties and motion control advisory services.

The company is leveraging the talents of its Founders to provide: project management; sourcing and procurement; procedural and maintenance documentation; systems and properties design; drafting and detailing; and product R&D and fabrication.

“We pride ourselves on unparalleled client attention, fluid decision making and endurance,” said William Berry, Co-Founder and Automation Consultant. “… Believing that the impossible can become practical is a core concept for us. We add tremendous value by simply being sensitive to our client’s designs and applying a strategic approach to technology,” he added.

Before establishing Lucid Motions, the Founders had worked for Hudson Scenic Studio, Inc. of Yonkers (William Berry) and the Blue Man Group at Astor Place in NYC (Rachel Berry). They share Masters degrees from the University of North Carolina, and Bachelors from the University of California. “We are ‘Copreneurs’ - when one succeeds, both succeed. Our successes would not be what they are today, if it were not for each other,” said Rachel Berry, Co-Founder and Properties Consultant.

Lucid Motions is based in Orange County and supplies project management for clientele from Broadway to Hollywood. The company prides itself on its superior production values, stamina, and dexterity. Whether you are developing, bidding or building the latest Broadway show or cutting edge motion picture, Lucid Motions is your partner, your tech savvy navigator from design through delivery.

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Lucid Motions
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