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Adazon Anounces Availability of Sony Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon

Full line access is critical in supporting a customer base with many unique and diverse brands of installed barcode printers. Branded ribbon from the printer manufacturer is an expensive option.

Lake Forest, IL, February 02, 2007 --( Matching barcode ribbon to barcode printers can be a real challenge for customers. Most brand X barcode printer ribbons are coated side out (CSO) and brand Y barcode printer ribbons are coated side in (CSI). The easy solution for the customer is to just buy the brand X ribbon or brand Y ribbon that is sold by the barcode printer manufacturer. Typically, this is the more expensive route to go because barcode printer manufacturers are not usually making the barcode ribbon.

Finally, there is another option to the branded thermal transfer ribbon dilemma. Adazon launches Sony's printer ribbon which matches the specifications to the printer. The product listing at allows the customer to enter a printer and ribbon material (wax, wax/resin or resin) into the search box to retrieve the exact ribbon match for the customers printer.

For example, type "eltron wax" in the search box and all of the Sony wax ribbons come up that fit in these printers. Try "datamax wax" and you get the Sony ribbon that fits that printer. Enter "sato resin" and all the resin ribbon comes up for those printers. Customers save time and money with this powerful search option and Sony barcode ribbon offering.

This new search feature, along with the launch of Sony barcode ribbon, makes finding the correct ribbon for the customers printer a breeze.

Sony Chemicals Corporation of America is the world leader in thermal transfer ribbon technology. Sony's coating, slitting and lab facilities in Mt. Pleasant, PA are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. The same quality is put into the barcode ribbon that Sony puts into their high performance recording tapes.

For more information on this topic, contact Sales at 847-235-2700 or visit their web site and match your thermal transfer barcode ribbon.

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